Operation Jump Start Reaches 21 year Goal, Honors 2015 Grads

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Twenty-one years ago, Operation Jump Start was nothing more than a dream to help local Long Beach youth graduate high school and get into college. Since then, the mentoring and college access organization has grown and has helped hundreds of high-risk students overcome the challenges of poverty, language barriers, cultural gaps, and limited resources. Its program graduates have gone on to become Posse Scholars, Gates Millennium Scholars, and attend four-year universities across the country. But until now, the Ivy League has remained an elusive goal.

“The walls of our offices are decorated with the pennants of the colleges our students go on to attend,” says Irene Quevedo, executive director of Operation Jump Start. “We’ve always wanted an Ivy League up there, but we had no idea this was going to be the year it happened.”

On Saturday, June 13, 2015 Operation Jump Start’s annual Scholars Day breakfast will celebrate its 2015 program graduates and honor the mentors who have supported them, many since eighth grade. Sorathan Munckong, who goes by Mike, is one of them. Mike moved from his native Thailand when he was six years old. Education was always a high priority for Mike’s family, but assimilating culturally was a challenge for his family. For Mike, Operation Jump Start has been more than just an academic program.

“It’s been eye-opening. My mentor has been a great resource and invaluable friend. I’ve grown to see that learning from someone else’s mistakes is nothing to be taken for granted.”

Mike will be attending Brown University in the fall.

For more information about Operation Jump Start and the 2015 Scholars Day Breakfast Celebration, visit www.operationjumpstart.org or call (562) 988-2131.

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