Panini’s: Signal Hill for Sandwiches

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Panini’s is a pretty straightforward name for this Signal Hill sandwich shop.  Located on Redondo Ave in the heart of Signal Hill, and close to PCH, there is great parking but it is somewhat surprising that this restaurant is here, in this industrial part of the city.

I was greeted by the owner, I believe, who was really friendly. As a matter of fact, everyone was really friendly here, even though it seemed to be the lunch rush. There was still plenty of seating and lots to pick from.

The menu includes several Panini’s, which are basically sandwiches put into a press to be grilled, along with salads and different daily specials. I decided to try the Chicken Pesto Panini, which seems to be the house special.  Be prepared to wait a few minutes as they make everything to order. Of course, I would rather wait for fresh food any day of the week, and the service was so great, I didn’t mind waiting a few minutes.

The Panini came with chicken breast, pesto and sundried tomatoes. It was accompanied by homemade kettle chips, which were really yummy. The sandwich itself was really good too, the chicken was great quality, the pesto was tasty and I usually don’t like sun-dried tomatoes but they definitely make this sandwich great. I have also tried their salads before and the salad mix is excellent with lots of dark, leafy greens that are healthy and make you feel full afterwards.

There are a ton of other things on the menu to order from, and I am looking forward to trying a few more things when the mood hits.

Panini’s is located at 1825 Redondo Ave in Signal Hill.  You can reach Panini’s at (562) 961-8771 for store hours.

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