Mayor and City Auditor Announce Parking Citations Collection Process Audit

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Parking Citations Collection Process AuditOn Thursday, Mayor Bob Foster joined City Auditor Laura Doud as she announced an audit of the Long Beach Parking Citations Collection Process. Key among the audit findings is the critical need for a new software system. The software the City uses to document parking citations and track them through the collection process is hopelessly out-of-date and unreliable.

Parking citation revenue is a significant source of revenue to the City. The City issues approximately 345,000 parking citations every year, collecting approximately $13 million annually.

“We cannot afford to ignore this problem any longer,” said City Auditor Doud,” We must act swiftly and make the needed investment to update our outdated system to be more efficient in our collection efforts and to use our City resources better.”

“We are working together to actively look for solutions for Long Beach, said Mayor Bob Foster. “If we can successfully collect even a portion of the unpaid fines, it would be a great gain. Investing in our city by changing the current system could support additional police officers, add more library hours or improve our parks.”

“I am in agreement with the Mayor, said City Auditor Doud,” How can we ask taxpayers for more taxes when we haven’t done all we can do to collect the revenue due to the City?”

The audit has been agendized for the April 3 City Council meeting.

The full report with detailed explanation of the City Auditor’s recommendations is attached below or can be viewed on the City Auditor’s website,

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