Parking Spaces turn Park in temporary NPNA display

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If you were in downtown on Friday, you probably noticed the unexpected new “pocket park” on Pine Avenue and 4th Street. If you didn’t see it, then don’t going looking for it now because it’s already gone. The park was part of Park[ing] Day L.A., an annual event that turns parking spaces into public park projects, if only for a little while.

On September 18, for a second year in a row, the North Pine Neighborhood Alliance (NPNA) took part in Park[ing] Day L.A. by transforming two parking spots along Pine Avenue and 4th Street into temporary pocket-parks, complete with outdoor BBQ lounge and ping-pong table.

In a permanent display, the NPNA participated in a green project to replant a neglected sidewalk planter with a well-designed, drought tolerant landscape. North Pine Avenue Alliance members and the downtown community were invited to visit the NPNA pocket-park for some food and fun, and are encouraged to partake in the urban landscaping project.

Last year’s NPNA pocket-park featured a temporary dog park. The idea served as the impetus behind K9 Corner, the NPNA’s inaugural “pet” project to transform an otherwise unused space on the corner of Pacific Avenue and 9th Street into a fully sustainable, eco-friendly dog park.

parking-day-long-beachPark[ing] Day LA was started by community activists in Los Angeles, and brings together a diverse constituency of community groups, neighborhood councils, design and architecture firms, professional organizations, non-profits, cyclists and pedestrian as they work together to transform numerous parking spaces and parking lots located throughout L.A. into ephemeral parks for the day. By occupying a parking spot and feeding the meter, volunteers will enhance the street with a sustainably designed pocket-park.

Founded in 2007 by Councilmember Robert Garcia (then-NPNAPresident), Andreas Herr and Cynthia Ojeda, the NPNA represents the residents of Downtown Long Beach bordered by Long Beach Boulevard on the East, Pacific Avenue on the West, 3rd Street on the South and Anaheim Boulevard on the North. The North Pine Neighborhood Alliance is a progressive group of Long Beach residents focused on creating a metropolitan and sustainable community. Issues that are important to the NPNA include Retail Recruitment, Green Issues, Urban Landscaping, Public Safety, Clean Streets and creating positive change in the Downtown.

For more information on or to participate in the NPNA Park[ing] Day L.A. pocket-park and project, please contact Cynthia Ojeda, NPNA President, at

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