Three LB parks to split $200K; builds basketball court downtown

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basketball courtAn all new full-size outdoor basketball court, with new fencing and bleachers, will soon be built just east of the 14th Street skate park, with funding support from Los Angeles County Supervisor Don Knabe. Last week, Knabe announced a commitment of $200,000 for three parks and open space projects in the City of Long Beach.

$140,000 of the funding will be used towards construction of a new urban basketball courts on land along 14th Street, between Pine Avenue and Locust Avenue. The new court would increase the footprint of the greenbelt area from Locust Avenue all the way to the new Seaside Park, and will complement the recently completed skate park.

“I am very grateful to Supervisor Knabe for securing this funding,” said First District Councilmember Robert Garcia. “We are transforming this neighborhood block by block, and the new skatepark and basketball court is just the beginning.”

Garcia proposed the new court as part of his overall plan for rehabilitating the 14th Street greenbelt with new parks and equipment, additional green space, and other improvements. “I’m hoping that the Supervisor will join me in the first pick-up game at the new court,” said Garcia.

The Michael K. Green Skatepark recently opened just west of the location for the basketball courts, and gets heavy use by young people from throughout the city.

Another $50,000 from Knabe will be used towards paying for the concept plans and environmental reports for a proposed new Visitors Center at El Dorado Nature Center. In 2003, the Master Plan for the Nature Center was created by the community. The second phase of the Master Plan is to develop a replacement Visitors Center and Habitat Concept Plan. This is the first step for the city to meet the requirements to apply for funding through California’s Proposition 84 Nature Education Facilities Grant Program.

The final $10,000 will be used to rebuild the Wild Oats Community Garden, between 10th Street and Anaheim Street, which is being removed because of the Termino Avenue Storm Drain Project. The funds will go towards rebuilding and reestablishing the community garden when the construction project  is complete in 2011. This funding for the Wild Oats Community Garden was previously announced in November 2009.

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