Parks, Recreation and Marine Offers New Fall Adult Classes in Art, Culture and Dance

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workshop - make a memory wreath

Bring photos and personal memorabilia and make your own memory wreath with Long Beach Parks and Recreation.

Nurture your creativity with Long Beach Parks, Recreation and Marine art and cultural classes including these new offerings: Needlefelting, Memorabilia Wreath, and Dance or Musical Theatre Intensive Workshops.

Be sure to register early for classes with enrollment limitations and to pay any required materials fee in cash at the first class meeting.

Learn Needlefelting with Parks and Rec

Needlefelting, or the sculpting of wool with a barbed needle, creates home décor, clothing, toys, sculptures, and more with beautiful strands of fiber from the sheared, washed, and combed coat of a sheep. This is a fast growing handcraft because it is all natural, easy to learn, has a wide range of uses, and results in quick and unique creations! The two projects in the course are a Fall Cornucopia and Mother Nature figurine. All materials are included in the $30 material fee. This course is for individuals age 16 and older, $30 per student. Class takes place Wednesdays from 7 to 9pm, and is available September 22, October 6, and October 20 at Heartwell Park.

Make a Memorabilia Wreath

Memorabilia Wreath Make a personalized wreath of memorabilia to display your memories on the wall.  Teacher will supply all wreath materials and embellishments, including vintage lace and ribbons, whimsical collectibles and floral accents. Bring objects to personalize, such as old photos, an old piece of jewelry, or small knick-knacks.  Be creative with themes for gifts, such as sewing memorabilia for seamstresses, or sheet music for a musician. If you have a special request contact the registration office with a one-week notice. This is the perfect gift for a friend. This course is for individuals age 18 and older, $25 per student with a $30 material fee. Class will take place Wednesday, October 13, from 6:30-8:30pm at College Park Estates.

Take the Stage! Musical Theatre Workshop

Musical Theatre Intensive Workshop will expose you to stage direction, theater terms, vocal training, light choreography, and theater/acting style exercises in which you will learn techniques in order to become a better performer. At the end of the six-week period, students will perform a musical selection that incorporates all of the elements learned in class. The cost is only $60 per student, and each student must be 10 years of age or older. This course will begin on September 14, and continue every Tuesday from 6:30 to 8:30pm for six weeks at Stearns Champions Park.

Dance Classes from Parks and Recreation

Work on your exercising and dance moves at the same time with brand new classes from Parks, Recreation and Marine. This fall season brings the new experiences of Beginning Fire Hoop Dance and East Coast Swing to our expansive list of available adult dance courses. Be sure to register early for classes with enrollment limitations.

Beginning Fire Hoop Dance will teach you the basic fundamentals of Hoop Dancing. Hoop on your waist, hips, above your head, and learn how to take the hoop on and off your body in beautiful spirals. Students will have the opportunity to light up during the last class at the instructor’s discretion. Hoops are available for loan and purchase. This class is taught by Burn Academy, and is for individuals age 18 and older, $100 per student. It is a six-week class, taking place Tuesday nights from 7 to 8pm, September 14 to October 19 at the Colorado Lagoon.

East Coast Swing is an intermediate level class that covers a variety of kicks, turns and eye-popping moves to spice up your Jitterbug and East Coast Swing basics. They are fun and truly not difficult! Fundamentals and dancing to the faster or slower beat and mood of the music are stressed. Singles and couples are welcome. This course is for individuals age 18 and older, only $45 per student for the entire ten-week class. It will be lead by Instructor Geweke, Fridays from 7:15 to 8pm, September 10 to November 12 at Wardlow Park.

How to Register for Classes:

  • Touch-Tone: Call (562) 570-3111 to get your password and be set up for this convenient registration service.
  • On-line – Rec-Connect: Call (562) 570-3111 and get your password and be set up to register on line. It’s fast and easy!
  • Mail-In: to City of Long Beach, P.O. Box 15827, Long Beach, CA 90815.
  • Fax-In: to (562) 570-3113.
  • Walk-In: Register at El Dorado Park Administration Building, 2760 Studebaker Road, Long Beach, CA 90815.  Office hours are Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. For more information, call (562) 570-3111.

For information on other Long Beach Department of Parks, Recreation and Marine programs, call (562) 570-3100 or visit the Long Beach Department of Parks website.

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