Participate in the Downtown Community Plan; public meeting on Wednesday

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downtown-planThe public is invited to attend the last of three community meetings to receive a presentation on the Downtown Community Plan and provide comments Wednesday, July 22, at 6:00 p.m. in Patterson Hall, First Congregational Church, 241 Cedar Avenue. View the draft plan or the Preparation of a Draft Environmental Impact Report.

The Development Services staff and consultant team will conduct an in depth workshop on the Plan at this meeting. Participation is strongly encouraged at this meeting. You can also submit your comments about  the Downtown Community Plan via email to

For questions call (562) 570-6194 to speak to a Development Services staff member. For more information about the Downtown Community Plan, visit

The Vision for the Downtown Community Plan

Long Beach is a waterfront metropolis with a feel for the past and anticipation for the future. We are a model of international living and distinguish ourselves through a unique vision: progressive, diverse, cultured. Fueled by a vibrant city center, Long Beach is a place where residents are proud to live, work, and play.

  • We promote development of a distinctive downtown skyline, providing a vibrant, compact city core attracting cosmopolitan and creative people.
  • Our lively downtown acts as the heart of the city, connecting with the neighborhoods and coastline.
  • We encourage an infrastructure to accommodate a future that is less dependent on fossil fuels and more focused on walking, bicycling, and public transportation.
  • We invite and support new industries to invest in our future so that we can continue to diversify our economy and promote new job growth while strengthening our existing backbone of convention, tourism, and port business.
  • We endorse bold architecture, planning, and construction that utilize green building technology and incorporate sustainable energy. We demand quality in building practices in order to ultimately create historical masterpieces.
  • We value our buildings of historic merit and seek to preserve or restore them through adaptive reuse.
  • We include the best aspects of an innovative global city: dynamic architecture, light filled public spaces, active recreation, celebration of our unique culture and respect for the natural environment.
  • We work together to ensure the success of this vision and it is our promise to the city and its residents to invest in the future.


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  1. Iain Godfrey says:

    P17 – Financial, Professional, and Personal Services:
    “Basic professional services – barber/ beauty shop, … etc ” – Should read “Personal services”?