Pedego Long Beach Showcased Products at Wings, Wheels & Rotors Expo

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Pedego Long Beach's e-bikes were a hit at Wings, Wheels & Rotors.Pedego Electric Bikes marked their first vendor booth at the Wings, Wheels & Rotors Expo in Los Alamitos, California, October 28. The shop’s owners, Beth Black and Brian Ballard, made a splash at the expo as they introduced their new store to attendees. Pedego Corporate CFO Terry Sherry is pleased. “This expo hosts a huge number of enthusiasts for planes, classic cars and helicopters,” says Sherry. “And when they saw the e-bikes, a lot of visitors were eager to test one.”

Pedego Long Beach arrived at Wings, Wheels & Rotors with a variety of bikes to see close up and test ride. To anyone who had seen the bikes, it came as no surprise that the company’s motto is, “Hello, fun…” From Pedego’s classic Comfort Cruisers available in beautiful colors like sunny yellow and a popular Caribbean coral and aqua combo, to the sophisticated City Commuters in black or white – these bikes attracted a crowd. Pedego Electric Bikes co-owners Sherry and Don DiCostanzo have been celebrating the arrival of their newest Pedego Electric Bikes dealership, Pedego Long Beach. “This highly anticipated location is planning a grand opening in November, but the entire region is already buzzing with the news,” says DiCostanzo. “Pedego e-bikes have been capturing attention all over the country.”

Each Pedego Classic California beach cruiser, Step-thru, Commuter and Tandem model comes equipped with a proven 250-Watt motor and pedelec system that will provide motored assistance as you pedal up any incline or against a strong headwind. Offering more than a 25-mile range on all models, and a potential reach of 40 miles with a battery upgrade, each Pedego electric bike can take its rider almost anywhere. Beth Black, co-owner of Pedego Long Beach, was thrilled to attend the expo. “We were warmly welcomed,” she says. “Visitors to our booth said that we brought a new dimension of biking fashion and fun to this event.”

Pedego Long Beach is looking forward to doing the same for the Long Beach/Seal Beach area when they open their doors in the next few weeks. Meanwhile, those who are interested in ordering a bike to be delivered immediately are invited to contact the company directly by phone or on their Facebook page.

About Pedego Long Beach

Pedego Long Beach is preparing to be the city’s premier electric bike store, offering sales, rentals and guided tours. The shop is conveniently situated near beaches, bike paths, shops and restaurants. Located in the Long Beach Marketplace, at the corner of Pacific Coast Highway and 2nd Street, Pedego Long Beach will be just a 5-minute bike ride from Naples Island and Belmont Shore. Special events and guided tours are already available with reservations. Private rentals of hourly or daily duration are also available. Pedego Long Beach will soon be open six days a week from 10 AM to 6 PM. Meanwhile, call (949) 295-2886 to make an appointment for a free test ride.

About Pedego

Pedego, the world’s most renowned electric bicycle, built its reputation by creating the coolest electric bicycles outfitted with the latest in electric bike technology. With their chic, stylish designs complemented by a built-in silent electric motor, Pedego offers a cost-effective and green alternative for transportation, exercise, recreation and fun! Pedego electric bicycles are perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy the fun of cycling and experiencing the outdoors without worrying about hills.  Hailing from Orange County, California, Pedego Electric Bikes is one of the fastest growing electric bicycle companies in the world. For more information, please visit


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