LBFD rescues pedestrian pinned under Metro Blue Line in downtown Long Beach

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Long Beach Fire Department units responded to a report this morning that a pedestrian had been struck by a light rail train downtown. A south-bound Metro Blue Line train was involved in the accident about 8:30 a.m. Wednesday at the 1st Street Station in Long Beach.

Engine 1 arrived on scene to find a female, who appeared to be in her 40s, pinned beneath the train. All rail traffic as well as vehicle traffic was shut down to this area of Long Beach Boulevard. Service between the Transit Mall stations and 5th Street was disrupted, but resumed normal operations about 10 a.m.

It took fire crews, including the Long Beach Urban Search and Rescue Team, approximately 10 minutes to remove the injured patient from beneath the train. She was transported in critical condition to a local hospital with severe head trauma.

Preliminary reports indicate that a woman was hit by the train as it approached the station. It is unclear, at this time, how the woman ended up on the tracks. The cause of this accident is currently under investigation.


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  1. Light Rail Tattler says:

    The Light Rail Train is politically corrupt in design and operation; it is not safe.
    Please go to: and enter: Light Rail Running Red Light At Signalized Intersection.