City Close to Naming Permanent Financial Management Director

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Photo by T Hoffarth

The City of Long Beach has been conducting a nationwide recruitment for a permanent Financial Management Director, and that individual is expected to be named in approximately eight weeks. Given that the appointment is imminent, City Manager Patrick West announced today that over these next few weeks he will be appointing his Financial Management Bureau Managers to serve as Interim Financial Management Director on a rotating basis.

“I can’t say enough about Interim Finance Director Bill Yeomans and his service to Long Beach over the past few months,” continued Mr. West. “Mr. Yeomans immediately stepped in and provided strong leadership and stability in the Department of Financial Management during a difficult transition time. We are incredibly thankful for his service.”

“With the decision nearing, and the stability attained by Mr. Yeomans during the transition, I will now be relying on our Bureau Managers to lead the Department as we prepare for the permanent Financial Management Director,” said City Manager West. “We have incredibly seasoned finance professionals in the Financial Management Department and I will be utilizing their expertise over the next several weeks.”

City Treasurer David Nakamoto will serve as Interim Finance Director beginning on Monday. Over the next several weeks, the position will rotate among the other Bureau Managers in Financial Management. Financial Management consists of the Budget and Performance Management Bureau, the Accounting Bureau, the Commercial Services Bureau, the Business Relations Bureau, and the Treasury Bureau.

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