Phantom Galleries LA May Art Walk Night Tonight from 7-10pm

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phantom-galleries-art-walkPhantom Galleries LA, an organization that transforms vacant properties into public art galleries, will host receptions at 8 temporary galleries in Downtown Long Beach tonight May 2 from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. The galleries are located at storefronts along the Promendade, East 3rd Street and Pine Avenue.

Viredo presents The Colors of Cuba at 350 E 3rd Street.

As one of a group of artist known as “The Eleven” Viredo Espinosa influenced a generation of contemporary Cuban painters in the 1950’s with his abstract expressionist works. But recognition has largely elude him. So the painter, now 70 and living in Irvine, has turned to the internet to bring his works to the world. Only recently have his works attracted the attention of the art community at exhibitions in Florida, New York and California. The internet has heightened that recognition. “We’ve received E-Mail from unbelievable places… places in Spain, Australia. It’s incredible,” Viredo said.

“Spectrum” with Serge Armando, Kristina E. King, Lino Martinez and Erica Steiner at 170 North Promenade

Over his thirty-year residence in Laguna Beach, Serge Armando has played a decisive role in the careers of significant area artists and gallery owners. His works have exhibited in key local galleries and Museums, and have sold to some of Southern California’s most distinguished collectors of contemporary art. His recent, 2005, first place showing at Laguna Art Museum’s twenty-third annual art auction is testimony to his continued impact and import on the local art scene.

Lino Martinez currently works as a master printer in silkscreen and lithography. His own work is abstract contemporary and surrealistic in nature. Lino has been shown in various galleries throughout California and Mexico with over 15 shows in the past 3 years.

Erica Steiner is a professional artist living and working in the Bay Area. Having grown up on rural California farmland and lived much of her adult life in San Francisco, her work reflects both a passion for urban culture and aesthetics and an enduring love affair with the organic forms that compose the natural world.

Rebecca Hamm presents paintings at 344 East 3rd Street

Rebecca Hamm is particularly drawn to places where nature overcomes and reclaims — gradually or dramatically — imposed human constructs. These images are selected for the paintings because they are autobiographical metaphor.

Helena Pasquarella and Raleigh Souther present “Cuba Hoy” Photographs of Cuba at 390 East 3rd Street

Meeno Peluce presents Cuba Now at 390 East 3rd Street

Edgar Varela Fine artist is proud to present 18 large scale photographs of modern Cubana life as documented by the unique eye of Peluce. Big breasts, decaying American metal 8’s, chickens in pots, the stolen electricity of street carnivals, a reverence for the daily news and health care and education and the human beauty that’s turned out on conveyor belts as Graham Green said. All of it as seen by Meeno.

Anelia Lazaroff presents Twilight at 122 East 3rd Street

Rob Padilla and Mike Rivero present paintings at 346 East 3rd Street

In recognition of the Havana Biennial and the recent lifting of certain restrictions by President Obama for Cuban Families, Phantom Galleries LA presents several shows related to Cuba including Viredo, Photography of Cuba from Meeno Peluce, Helena Pasquarella and Raleigh Souther Long Beach native Rob Padilla and Cuban born Mike Rivero.

About Phantom Galleries LA May Art Walk Night

Phantom Galleries art in downtown Long Beach is part of a partnership with the Long Beach Redevelopment Agency. “The Long Beach Redevelopment Agency is proud to partner with Phantom Galleries LA, not only to revive empty storefronts along our major corridors, but also to showcase the arts and build a sense of community and culture in our Downtown,” said Craig Beck, Executive Director of the Long Beach Redevelopment Agency.

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