Phantom Galleries launch guided cell-phone tour at Downtown Long Beach Art Walk

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phantom-galleries-art-walkThe streets of downtown Long Beach will be alive with art tonight. And, for the first time the October 24 downtown art walk expands to include an auditory component as well. The Phantom Art Audio Tour will lead visitors on a guided tour of the galleries and artists receptions.

Under the auspices of Phantom Galleries LA, and working in tandem with local property owners, artists, and curators, numerous storefronts along Downtown Long Beach’s Pine Avenue, East 3rd Street, The Pike at Rainbow Harbor and Promenade are host to dozens of exciting art exhibitions and site-specific art installations.

Starting October 24, visitors will be able to walk along a self-guided tour of each of the various exhibition locations, guided by a published map that charts their course.

In addition to offering a vivacious exploration of an eclectic array of artists’ work, The Art Walk will be enhanced by a state-of-the-art audio component. At each of Phantom Galleries’ exhibition spaces, viewers will be able to hear about the art they are seeing. By using their cell phone to dial an assigned extension, participants can connect with an informative message from the exhibiting artist or curator. These audio recordings will soon be available online at

While The Long Beach Art Walk and Art Audio Tour will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, it is recommended that visitors embark on their art journey after dusk — perhaps after enjoying a savory meal at one of Downtown Long Beach’s eateries.

In November, Phantom Galleries will add new spaces on Pine Avenue to its roster. In late November, and throughout December and the Holiday Season each Phantom Galleries space will host light-based installations to illuminate the wintry nights.

Downtown Long Beach Art Walk Artist Receptions will take place tonight at participating galleries, October 24, from 7:00 p.m. to 9 p.m. Below is list of temporary galleries that will be showcasing work from Southern California artists.

Art at The Pike

  • Artist Reception 81 Pine Ave Kimber Berry and Hiroko Momii curated by Liza Simone and Liza Mitchell Artist Reception
  • 21 Aquarium way Beth King curated by Liza Mitchell
  • 24 Aquarium way Helen Lessick curated by Liza Simone
  • 150 Aquarium way Lark (Larisa Pilinsky)
  • Artist Reception: 170 N Promenade Molasses happens rather quickly Elonda Billera, Jamison Carter, David DiMichele, Kiel Johnson, Jason Manley, Aili Schmeltz, Julie Schustack, Christian Tedeschi Organized by Chirstian Tedeschi

Galleries on East 3rd Street

  • 390. Linnea Lenkus: Curated by: Megan J Harrahill
  • 346. David A Knudsen Curated by Liza Mitchell
  • 350. Ten Terrell Artist Recpetion Curated by Martha De Perez
  • 344. Amy Sharp Curated by Liza SImone
  • 342 and 340 Artist Recpetion . H.D. Blackwell, Ken Corral , Lowski Jones, Tommii Lim, Bron Theron organized by LBCreative! and Green Long Beach
  • 122. Gary Ray Curated by Dreams & Visions Art Company
  • 104 Hidden Treasures group show from Lark Gallery Online of 14 artists
  • 106 City college of Long Beach City College group show

Art on Pine Avenue

  • 309 Jeff Nisbet and Johnny Andrew Gigliotti Bailik (Godfuel) Curated by Liza Mitchell

Guide by Cell Audio Tour sponsored by the Long Beach Redevelopment Agency


One Response to “Phantom Galleries launch guided cell-phone tour at Downtown Long Beach Art Walk”
  1. I had the pleasure of gallery sitting at 309 Pine Ave last night. “Who’s Who” in the LB artworld stopped by and quite a few people were looking for Liza Mitchell who was at 81 Aquarium Way (across from the Convention Ctr – catch her in the gallery after noon during the Women’s Conference!

    In between artlovers I called the cell phone codes to hear from the artists directly. The recordings differed: explanations, descriptions, haikus… So far the most humorous had to dowith a piece from the promenade (“Molasses” show).

    I won’t spoil it for you, call the cell “phone tour” numbers!

    PS Congrats to Liza Simone of for an awesome event in Long Beach!