Phantom Galleries Lights up Downtown for the holidays

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Phantom Galleries L.A. brightens up this holiday season by invigorating the streets of Downtown Long Beach with 28 light-based art exhibitions that illuminate 25-plus vacant storefront windows along Downtown Long Beach’s Pine Avenue, East 3rd Street, Promenade and The Pike at Rainbow Harbor.

Just after sundown on December 5, Phantom Galleries L.A. switched on Let There Be Light, a stellar display of artists and art installations, including video, neon, and kinetic light sculptures. Each exhibition and site-specific installation is accompanied by a Guide by Cell Audio Tour, allowing viewers to listen to an illuminating description of the art on view.

Seven days a week, from dusk till dawn, Long Beach locals and visitors, holiday shoppers, and art-minded and art-curious alike can embark on a self-guided Art Walk and Audio Tour of Let There be Light.  At each storefront, viewers can connect via cell phone with a personalized message from the exhibiting artist or curator through the Guide by Cell Audio Tour, presented in partnership with The Long Beach Redevelopment Agency.

Trifold map of the exhibition sites are available at various Downtown Long Beach restaurants, vendors, hotels, as well as at various exhibition locales.  Maps may also be downloaded from  or  The exhibitions are on view 24/7 however, it is recommended  that the exhibits be viewed  from 5 pm- 1am order to see all the works turned on and at its best and brightest.  Richard Godfrey and Susan Chorpennings work is best viewed at various times of the day.

Highlights from the Let there Be Light installations include:

Returning Phantom Galleries L.A. artist Richard Godfrey’s TwentyFourSeven installation is an exciting integration of light, space, and motion.  His piece, TwentyFourSeven, is in constant rotation  and infuses the storefront in a vibrant hue. (on view thru March 1, 2010)

Susan Chorpenning will present Fiat Lux IV, her most ambitious installment of her series Fiat Lux (“Let There Be Light,”), three in the series presented through Phantom Galleries L.A.  The dazzling new work expands 11 ft x 35 ft, and will invigorate the space with the joyous commingling of numerous brightly-colored twinkle lights, lava lamps, collored bulb and light based works, both wall-bound and strung. (On View thru March 1)

Known for his iconic neon sculpture set atop the Hayward Gallery in London, Philip Vaughn will present the West Coast debut of “Color Chart 1” featuring a colorful cascade of neon tubes.

Nancy Braver will display an enchanting mobile-like piece comprised of die-cut luminous butterflies, made of mirror that float, swirl, and cast a warm glow.

Laddie John Dill, a Los Angeles native, who was born in Long Beach, creates a new site-specific work of silica sand mix and neon.

Phantom Galleries L.A. is a Los Angeles County-based organization that transforms properties in transition into 24/7 public art galleries. Each installation forms a unique collaboration between the participating artist, curator, and property owner. Exhibits are curated by local arts organizations, galleries, independent curators, and artists.

For more information on Let There Be Light and Phantom Galleries L.A., please visit www.PhantomGalleries LA or

Let There be Light hosts an impressive array of 28 artists, both emerging and renowned, including: Richard Ankrom (neon sculpture),  Kent Anderson Butler (video), Laddie John Dill ( Neon and Sand installation), Nancy Braver (sculpture/installation), Enrique Chiu (neon), Susan Chorpenning (site-specific installation), McLean Fahnestock (site specific installation) , Candice Gawne (neon), Richard Godfrey (Sculpture of light and Movement), Parichard Holm (video installation) Beth King (glass sculpture), Helen Lessick  (site specific intallation) Karen Lofgren (light based sculpture) Justin Lui  (light based sculpture) Joella March (neon), Eric Medine (video), Uudam Nguyen (Light Based Sculpture) , Rebecca Niederlander  (Light based Sculpture),  Christina Pierson (video instllation) Astra Price (video installation),  Jeremy J Quinn (video), Deanne Sabeck (ligh based sculpture),  Ben Shaffer (site specific installation),  Klutch Stanaway (sculpture)  Kazumi Svenson, David Svenson (neon), and Philip Vaughan (neon works and installation), Meeson Pae Yang (site specific installation).


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  1. kimi says:

    amazing tour — want to listen to the tour? hear about the pieces by calling, (562) 242-2928 followed by 1 through 47 #