Pilates Joe: A friendly, affordable fitness studio

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pilates-joe-long-beachAlthough it’s taken nearly a century to become mainstream, Pilates is now here to stay. Pilates — with its focus on the body’s core and its practice of slow and smooth strengthening, breathing, stretching and concentrating — began in the mid-1920’s with a man named Joe Pilates. He initially called this style of exercise, “contrology,” and the typical clients were professional dancers.

Today, with direct permission from the family of Joe Pilates, and with a trademarked Springwall that would make Joe proud, Pilates Joe Fitness Studio (with its human-lettered “P” and “J” logo) continues the tradition of providing well-rounded fitness in a personal, affordable, and helpful environment.

On Groundhog Day of 2009 (February 2), Pilates Joe opened its doors, quite coincidentally, just steps away from another Joe — Trader Joe’s — in the Los Altos Shopping Center. That sure makes it easier to give people directions: “Just go towards the Joes!”

Owners Kim and Bob Marsh add their personal touch to the studio by making sure that all of their customers, from teenagers to senior citizens, are happy and achieving their goals. According to Kim, both they and the Pilates family loved the idea of providing a Springwall studio with resistance training at a reasonable price.

“We are here to support each other,” says Kim, and they do so by keeping in touch with their customers through e-mailed newsletters, monthly class schedule updates, informative articles, and a bulletin board in the studio to support client businesses and interests.

In addition to the extensive schedule of hour-long Springwall classes, the Pilates Joe Fitness Studio also offers yoga and stretch specialty classes; an on-staff personal trainer, and during the Spring and Summertime, an off-campus boot camp. All of Pilates Joe’s instructors are Stott and Springwall certified and are also CPR qualified to teach the classes and ensure that members properly develop flexibility, a strong core and better focus for an evenly conditioned body, mind and spirit.

In addition to a free trial class which allows newcomers to see if Pilates is a good fit, Pilates Joe offers a $30 discount savings for students and senior citizens, and a $10 savings for certified educators.  Gift certificates are also available.

Kim and Bob plan to maintain flexibility both physically and professionally. Their future goals for Pilates Joe include opening a second Southern California location, establishing a new variety of classes such as mommy and me classes, a children’s program, and possibly a walking club. They welcome client feedback and do whatever they can to help make fitness fun and productive.

Pilates Joe is located at 5555 E. Stearns Street, Suite 108 in Long Beach. Their phone number is (562) 286-4028, and you can find them on the web at www.pilatesjoe.com. The fitness studio is also active on several social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Yelp.

Pilates Joe

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