Pilot Program Reroutes Traffic Through Belmont Shore and Second Street

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Belmont Shore Traffic Program

Bayshore Avenue will be closed as part of a traffic program designed to keep drivers on Second Street while traveling through Belmont Shore.

Beaches along the City’s coastline are a popular tourist attraction, as well as a local favorite for Long Beach residents. Summer months also bring an increase in visitors to the Belmont Shore area, which is also home to the Second Street Business Corridor. For the safety of those visiting the shoreline along Bayshore Avenue, the City closes Bayshore Avenue from 9 AM to 5 PM every summer. Overall, these conditions result in an increase in traffic in Belmont Shore.

“Businesses are an incredibly important part of our City,” says Councilmember Gary DeLong. “Equally important, are the neighborhoods in Belmont Shore. This pilot program demonstrates our commitment to balancing quality-of-life for residents in the Belmont Shore community, and those coming and going from businesses on Second Street.”

Starting April 7, the City will run a pilot program to encourage drivers traveling eastbound to businesses along Second Street, or towards the County of Orange, to use the Second Street business corridor, rather than Ocean Boulevard and neighborhood streets.

Long Beach will operate this pilot program from April 7 to April 15. As a part of the pilot program, the eastbound left-turn lane from Ocean Boulevard to Claremont Avenue will be closed. When Bayshore Avenue is closed during peak summer hours, temporary signage will inform eastbound motorists of the closure, before the drivers enter the Belmont Shore area. In combination, these measures may encourage motorists to stay on the Second Street Business Corridor while traveling through Belmont Shore.

The City’s pilot program is the result of a recent traffic study of Claremont and Pomona Avenues in Belmont Shore that revealed traffic patterns can be influenced by a minor change in signage. City traffic engineers will conduct traffic studies during the pilot program period to analyze its impact on traffic flow and impacts on the affected streets.

Should you have any questions regarding the Belmont Shore Traffic Changes, please contact David Roseman, City Traffic Engineer at (562) 570-6665.

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