Romantic Light: 7 Places to See the Sunset in Long Beach

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where to see sunsets in long beachChocolate and flowers may be nice, but the best part of a good date is chance to spend quality time together. This is as true for the newly dating as it is for couples with a few anniversaries under their belts. And, what better way to enjoy each other’s company than to share a sunset — sitting side by side bathed in gold, orange and pink light. It’s vintage romance that can fit any budget.

This list of places to see the sunset in Long Beach is by no means complete, but we’ve attempted to include ideas in a variety of price levels from free to once-in-a-lifetime. Some spots offer dinner and drinks, for others it’s strictly BYOB. Read on, so you can plan ahead and know if you need to pack a picnic or a credit card.

Sunset over the Water from Gondola Getaway

Travel the most romantic waterways in Long Beach with a ride in an authentic Venetian gondola. The one-hour cruise will take you through the enchanting canals of Naples Island while you watch the sunset. The company specializes in romance with several packages that include essentials such as romantic music on the dock, roses for the ladies, keepsake glasses or a photo to remember the night. Bring your own supper or order ahead from their a la carte menu. Book a cruise with Gondola Getaway by calling (562) 433-9595 or online at

Sunset Dinner Any Day of the Week

Experience the Reef Restaurant’s sunset dinners in a tropical hideaway just across Long Beach Harbor. If you time it right, you can watch the sunset and stay for an unmatched panorama view of the Long Beach skyline. Handcrafted cocktails, fresh seafood and specialty entrees with a Polynesian twist are served alongside the amazing twilight view. For reservations call (562) 435-8013 and ask to be seated for the sunset.

Plenty of Restaurants to Watch the Sun Set

Shoreline Village has a whole boardwalk of restaurants where you can watch the sun set. Whether you want fresh fish and ocean breezes (Parker’s Lighthouse), tacos and tequila at twilight (Tequila Jacks), or to share a beer with your Honey (Yardhouse has 250 on tap) you won’t be disappointed. After dinner you can stroll hand in hand under the stars or visit the arcade for some light-hearted fun — just like in the good old days. Prices vary. Visit the Shoreline Village website for a list of restaurants.

Sunset on the Hill

Couples drive up to Signal Hill’s Hilltop Park all year round to snuggle and watch the sunset. You won’t be alone, but the panoramic view is unbeatable especially just after the rain. If you’re looking for a more private picnic, forget the sunset and visit the park for an early brunch. The daytime view — towards Catalina or downtown L.A. — is still lovely and much more serene. Bring a simple picnic of meats and cheeses but leave the vino at home. There is no alcohol allowed in the park. 2351 Dawson Ave, Signal Hill (it’s not Long Beach, but it’s close).

See the Sunset from Above in the Zeppelin

Airship Ventures has three different coastal flights each lasting from 1-2 hours, more than enough time to enjoy a beautiful sunset. The Long Beach Tour, Hollywood Studios Tour or the Coastal Tour will give you and your sweetheart a bird’s eye view of the California Coast. If you time it right, you may be able to watch the sun set over the coast and still take in the city lights before heading back down to earth. CLOSED.

Drink in a Sunset Flight at Ristorante daVinci’s

Couples can take off for a romantic sunset flight any weekend of the year at Ristorante daVinci’s. Soaring Saturdays blends three hand-crafted martinis with a scenic helicopter adventure over the Long Beach coast. Friday Night Flights includes the same flight but starts off with a sampling of three distinct glasses of wine. Flights provided by Los Angeles Helicopters. CLOSED.

Living in a city like Long Beach, there is always a perfect spot to take in a spectacular California sunset. Of course you don’t have to limit it to Date Night. Most of these places are open for a romantic sunset dinner any day of the week.

Leave a comment and tell us your favorite place to see the sunset in Long Beach!

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