Councilwoman Schipske Offers Insight Into Plastic Bag Ordinance

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Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske

So you probably have already seen the signs in Long Beach grocery stores telling you that beginning August 1 no more plastic bags and that the City Council has imposed a ten cent per paper bag fee.

First, remember I voted against this ban and tax.

Also, go back and listen to the council meeting and when we asked at council if the ban was applying to Target, Kmart and Walmart which use bigger and thicker bags, we were told “NO.”

So when I finally got the list of stores that were impacted, low and behold, guess which stores were on there…Target, Walmart and Kmart. City staff confirmed. “Oh yes, councilwoman. These stores cannot give out plastic bags.” (Click here to read those documents.)

How embarrassing that the council passed an ordinance which seriously impacts residents and businesses and it was passed without knowing how it would impact?

So check the city council agenda on Tuesday, July 19 because the original supporters of this ill thought out idea want to delay the implementation of the plastic bag ban because we blew the whistle…. ( Click here to read the actual ordinance )

I am calling for a repeal of the ban and the council imposed tax all together.

Republished from Councilwoman Schipske’s email newsletter to constituents.


2 Responses to “Councilwoman Schipske Offers Insight Into Plastic Bag Ordinance”
  1. Susan Smith says:

    I recently moved away from the 5th district to Anaheim due to transportation costs. I applaud you for blowing the whistle! GOOD JOB. The ban is ridiculous!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Yes, I was at Target yesterday and saw the signs. That was when it dawned on me that it was more than Stater Brothers and my marketing that is going to be impacted. It is ridiculous that they think they can tell us what type of bags to use. Now we have “bag police”? They need to repeal that or we just need to vote them out. I guess I can always shop in another city!