Should a Playground be Built in Promenade Square Park?

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Councilmember Suja Lowenthal announced an opportunity for Downtown residents and other interested parties to take an online survey asking whether a small children’s playground should be built in Promenade Square Park, located between 1st Street and Broadway. The play area is being proposed along the interior edge of the park closest to the Promenade so as not to interfere with other activities.

Lowenthal is partnering with the Department of Parks, Recreation and Marine and the Promenade Area Residents Association (PARA) in asking the community for their feedback based on requests from a growing number of residents to provide amenities for children of families living in the Downtown. Keeping families from moving away once their children reach school age is a goal of PARA and other community groups.

The survey includes a total of 7 questions and an open field for comments. For those who respond favorably to the playground proposal, additional questions are posed to help with its design. Residents may take the survey once at The survey will remain available to residents until July 27, at which time staff from Parks, Recreation and Marine will determine whether a play space is desired and if so, what type of elements should be included. Residents without access to a computer may call the Second Council District at (562) 570-6684 to express their support or opposition for the playground.

Funding for the playground would still need to be identified, but Lowenthal has committed a portion of one-time infrastructure funding should there be public support.


One Response to “Should a Playground be Built in Promenade Square Park?”
  1. Buddy Hernandez says:

    Has Lincoln Park been left for dead? Abandoned to the homeless?
    Lincoln Park, which is two blocks from the Promenade, needs to be brought back ( if it was ever ) to public use. Saved, reconfigured and promoted as a place for the public to share and enjoy. Not considered as abandoned as a homeless encampment. with trash strewn everywhere.