Poetry Contest Celebrates Southern California Urban Ocean in Words

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The deadline for submitting poetry for the Urban Ocean Festival contest is April 6.

The Aquarium of the Pacific is now accepting entries for its second annual Urban Ocean Poetry Contest, which is held in conjunction with the Aquarium’s Urban Ocean Festival.

Southern California’s Urban Ocean is home to unique marine habitats and animals, a wide variety of recreational activities, industrial and commercial activity, and more than 20 million residents that live along the coast between Santa Barbara and San Diego. Surfers, fishermen, container ships, whales, and many other types of marine life and human activity must share this part of the ocean.

The Urban Ocean Festival will be held May 5 and 6 this year. The festival includes art exhibitions, mural painting, educational activities, and Urban Ocean boat cruises.

Poems submitted must have an Urban Ocean theme and be no longer than 300 words or thirty lines (including empty lines). Three cash prizes will be awarded in each of four age categories: high school students (grades 9-12), young adult (ages 18-25), adults (ages 26-61), and seniors (ages 62 and up). First prize winners will receive $150, four Aquarium tickets, and four Urban Ocean Poetry Cruise tickets. Second prize winners will receive $100 in addition to the Aquarium and cruise tickets, and third place winners will receive $75 plus the tickets.

The deadline for submitting poetry for the contest is April 6. Winners will be announced at the Urban Ocean Festival, where they will read their poem during a special awards ceremony.

For contest rules, guidelines, and additional information, click here.

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