Police respond to rising trend of strong-arm street robberies

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LBPD warn women to be cautious following a spate of strong-armed robberies. One safety tip: Keep necklaces concealed during everyday activities.

There has been a trend of strong-arm street robberies occurring in Long Beach and surrounding cities said Long Beach Police Department in a press release on Wednesday. Police also warned that in some cases the victims have been assaulted during the crime.

In the past few months, numerous robberies have occurred citywide involving victims that are robbed of their gold or silver necklaces while they are walking. Most of the victims are female, and are victimized when they were carrying laundry, grocery bags, or children.

Most of these types of robberies occurred mid-day by suspects who sometimes approached the victims from behind, and fled on foot or via a bicycle. Most suspects involved in these robberies are males, ranging in age from teens to mid- twenties.

The robberies have all been crimes of opportunity where the suspect spots a potential victim who is distracted or in position of disadvantage, approaches the victim and snatches his or her necklace, then flees. Some of the recent victims were assaulted prior to the robbery, but none suffered serious injuries.

The community is encouraged to practice the following safety tips to reduce the chances that one will be targeted for this crime:

  1. If you wear necklaces during everyday activities, keep them concealed under clothing as opposed to in plain view, especially those with medallions, charms, or nameplates
  2. Be aware and alert of your surroundings and who is around you, and try to walk with other people whenever possible
  3. If you feel you are being followed or targeted, try to move to a well-populated area
  4. If you are the victim of a robbery, call 9-1-1 immediately and try to give a good description of the suspect

If you have been the victim of a robbery or an attempted robbery and have not reported it, please call (562) 435-6711. If you have any information regarding these crimes, please call the Long Beach Police Department Robbery Detail at (562) 570-7464.

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