Port Grants to Fund 32 Local Projects For Schools, Parks, and Med Clinics

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Photo courtesy of the Port of Long Beach.

New air-filtering systems for Long Beach classrooms and park centers, health education for families with asthma, and mobile medical clinics are among the 32 projects funded by $2.6 million in community grants recently awarded by the Port of Long Beach.

The Port’s community grant programs were established in 2009 as an innovative way to address the cumulative environmental impacts of its redevelopment and modernization projects. The latest round of Port Community Mitigation Grants raises to $17.4 million the amount awarded to health organizations, schools, preschools and city parks to reduce the impact of air pollution in the community.

The new grants included 25 awards totaling $1.54 million for schools, preschools and city parks, mostly for indoor air-filtration systems, windows and air-conditioning upgrades that reduce air pollution.

Another seven grants adding up to nearly $1.09 million were announced for mobile health units, screening programs and local health education ? mainly focusing on asthma. A local health group, area chapters of national health organizations, the City of Long Beach Health and Human Services Department, a local hospital and two clinics received the grants.

“These funds will help students enjoy better air quality in school and at park centers, and will also provide valuable health services ? for example health workers will show families who have children with asthma to better cope with the disease, to avoid asthma attacks and trips to the emergency room,” said Harbor Commission President Thomas Fields. “We’re delighted to help Long Beach breathe easier.”

The grant programs derive funding from major development projects in the Port including the Middle Harbor Terminal Redevelopment Project and the Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement Project. The Mitigation Grants Advisory Committee, which is composed of representatives from regulatory agencies, the maritime industry, and the community, assisted Port staff in developing program guidelines and evaluating grant applications.

Click here for a complete list of award recipients for this round of grants. For information on the Port Community Mitigation Grants Program, visit www.polb.com/grants, or call 1-888-789-GRANT.

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