PostRelease hires auto enthusiast Tyler Tanaka for digital marketing position

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social media marketingAutomotive digital marketing expert Tyler Tanaka recently joined PostRelease, a Long Beach-based company that offers advertising solutions for online forums.

“Marketing in online forums is highly effective but also tricky, because the only way it works is when the advertiser is truly trying to connect and not just promote,” said Tanaka. “PostRelease has created a platform that enables this kind of connection on a scale that works for marketers, while still maintaining a more authentic level of interaction required by consumers. I am so glad to join a team that understands how to tap the potential of how social media can connect brands and enthusiasts.”

Tanaka has been an active participant in the automotive aftermarket for more than 20 years, as an enthusiast and a marketing specialist. He has pioneered the use of social media in helping brands form direct connections with their customers online. PostRelease enables companies to communicate with consumers via online forums, and Tanaka will help PostRelease continue to expand its fast-growing network of participating forums and advertisers.

“Tyler is a visionary and has really pushed the boundaries of how automotive aftermarket companies use the Internet to connect with customers,” said Justin Choi, PostRelease president. “He knows digital marketing and he knows the automotive sector, so he’s been able to identify the best ways to speak directly to a company’s fan base using social media and, particularly, online forums. He will be an asset as we continue to expand our outreach to automotive companies and other industries.”

Before joining PostRelease, Tanaka spent 12 years as marketing manager for Turbonetics, Inc., a manufacturer of forced induction parts for the automotive gasoline and diesel high performance, aerospace, industrial (mining, oil/gas, construction) and military sectors.

Tanaka led the way in progressive online strategy and digital marketing campaigns that included forums and social networks. His achievements included using open-source programming ( for building out a complete website solution, integrating cloud CRM, and re-thinking how his company’s e-commerce offering was executed by partnering with

One of Tanaka’s most successful initiatives was to launch a complete social media campaign to facilitate sales efforts and event activation. His former company’s Facebook, MySpace and Twitter pages have some of the highest numbers of “fans,” “friends” and “followers” in the industry. Along with a fully featured “Owners Club Forum” and a company blog, he built a network of substantial consumer communication and engagement.

PostRelease enables companies to insert clearly labeled sponsored posts as relevant content into targeted online forum discussions. PostRelease began testing its platform in 2008 by addressing a single category – automotive forums. The company has executed more than 200 campaigns for companies such as eBay Motors, Pioneer Electronics, Toyota/Scion, Nitto Tire North America, American Tire Distributors and more.

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