Free Presentation Explains How to Harvest Rainwater, Reduce Pollution

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barrels for harvesting rainwater

Rainwater harvesting is a way to conserve water while also reducing local pollution.

Residents who want to learn how harvesting rainwater can lower water bills and reduce stormwater pollution are invited to attend a free presentation at the Long Beach Main Library, 101 Pacific Avenue, on Saturday, October 29, from 2 – 4 pm.

“Rainwater harvesting is an innovative way to conserve water, irrigate landscaping and reduce the amount of pollutants that stormwater brings to our beaches and shorelines,” Mayor Bob Foster said.

Co-sponsored by the Office of Sustainability, the Long Beach Water Department and the Long Beach Permaculture Guild, the event will feature information about innovative water conservation programs. Permaculture design emphasizes patterns of landscape, function, and sustainable systems that produce a high density of food and materials with minimal input.

Nate Downey, a permaculture landscape designer, will discuss low-tech techniques for implementing rainwater  harvesting designs that require little time and money. Downey will also highlight the use of cisterns, gray water and earthworks, in addition to tips on how to protect the local watershed.

The Office of Sustainability will give away a rain barrel during a free opportunity drawing.

The City of Long Beach offers many programs intended to conserve, manage and protect water, including:

  • Lawn to Garden Incentive Program rebates up to $2,500 for replacing grass lawns with California Friendly, drought tolerant gardens;
  • Free residential landscape classes for creating beautiful urban gardens that save water, time and money;
  • A newly launched Laundry to Landscape Program, which uses graywater from clothes washers for backyard landscapes, rather than flowing into the sewage system.

For more information, visit: City of Long Beach Office of Sustainability, Long Beach Water Department, or the Long Beach Permaculture Guild.

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