Queen Mary gets a new captain: Delaware North Companies Parks & Resorts

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queen-mary-skydiversLaunched 75 years ago on September 26, 1934, the Queen Mary’s rich history continues to grow with the addition of new management from Delaware North Companies Parks & Resorts.

Over the next five years, the Queen Mary management team plans to continue restoring the stately Long Beach icon. It will also focus on enhancing the Queen Mary’s powerful draw as an attraction supporting events such as this year’s Halloween Terrorfest, SHIPWRECK!, its elegant traditions such as fine dining at Sir Winston’s, and its unique and impressive amenities as a popular conference venue and hotel.

“Our team plans to work closely with the Long Beach community. We’ve met many of the area’s leaders over the past several weeks and have been impressed and excited by their commitment to tourism and hospitality in the region,” said the Queen Mary General Manager Uwe Roggenthien. “We’re equally impressed and excited to be taking the helm of the legendary Queen Mary at this juncture in its history.”

Delaware North Companies Parks & Resorts is one of the nation’s leading hospitality management companies, which also operates several resorts and attractions in California’s Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks as well as popular destinations around the U.S. and Canada.


One Response to “Queen Mary gets a new captain: Delaware North Companies Parks & Resorts”
  1. Eh…if the new management firm is planning on keeping things the same, then I think that’s a bad thing, not a good one. I stayed at the Queen Mary over 4th of July weekend this past year and I was thoroughly unimpressed. There was very little that I would describe as “elegant.” It was essentially a giant hookup party for the 20-something singles crowd. And those of us who weren’t there for a one night stand were forced to listen to those who were through the paper-thin walls. And don’t even get me started on the “food.”