Quick Thinking Officers Save Suicidal Man

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save suicidal manOn Friday, October 26, 2012, at approximately 5:18 p.m., the Long Beach Police Communication Center received a call of a drunken man on a roof. The caller said the man appeared to have been in a fight and he was causing a disturbance. Long Beach Police Officers responded to the 700 block of Olive Avenue and located the man on the roof of a two-story building.

Officers discovered the man had wrapped television coaxial cable around his neck and tied the other end of the cable to a rooftop exhaust pipe. The suicidal man threatened to jump from the roof to end his life. The officers spoke to the young 21-year-old man and learned he had been in a fight and had been drinking.

Officers located three ladders from neighbors and placed the ladders along the roof edge. An officer continually talked with the man in Spanish, for nearly an hour, in an attempt to calm him. The officers told the troubled man he could speak to his girlfriend, who was at the location, if he removed the noose from his neck. The officers directed the man to a location near the officers on ladders so he could speak with his girlfriend.

While the man was temporarily distracted, an officer on a ladder grabbed the man’s leg. The assisting officers quickly climbed onto the roof, pulled the man away from the roof edge, and took him into protective custody. The involved officers’ quick thinking and daring rescue saved the life of the troubled man. Neighbors clapped and cheered after the man was saved.

The Long Beach Fire Department assisted the officers in bringing the man down from the rooftop. The officers and the man received minor abrasion injuries. The man was transported to a care facility. The involved officers will be recommended for commendation due to their heroic actions, resulting in saving the life of a young man, while placing themselves at great risk.

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