Quiet it or Get Cited! LBPD Gets Touch on Excessive Noise

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In response to ongoing concerns regarding quality of life issues, the Long Beach Police Department will step up enforcement on excessive noise violations. This program of “Quiet It or Get Cited” will address problems related to excessive noise from illegally modified exhaust systems and sound amplification systems (stereos) in motor vehicles.

This includes motorcycle exhaust pipes that are modified and produce an excessive or unusual noise in violation of California Vehicle Code (C.V.C.) Section 27150 (a). In addition, any sound amplification system in a vehicle that can be heard from beyond fifty feet on a roadway is a violation and the driver is subject to a citation under C.V.C. Section 27007.

This increased enforcement will be ongoing, particularly throughout the summer months. The Long Beach Police Department would like people to enjoy themselves but remind them to be respectful of their neighbors and their community.

For additional information please contact the Long Beach Police Department Traffic Enforcement Section at (562) 570-5737.

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