Rain, hail and wind batter Long Beach … tornado confirmed with video!

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Flooded street at Orizaba and Broadway. Image courtesy of <a href=Long Beach had a brief glimpse of sun this afternoon, but according to the National Weather Service the worst of this storm is still yet to come. So far, Long Beach has received rain, hail and even unconfirmed reports of a tornado.

The National Weather Service issued a tornado warning Tuesday afternoon for areas that included parts of Orange and Los Angeles counties encompassing Long Beach. The tornado warning was lifted about 3:45 p.m., but not before SoCal media outlets started reporting actual tornado sightings. Tornadoes are confirmed to have touched down in Sunset Beach, Costa Mesa, Seal Beach.

There has also been a confirmed report of a tornado in Long Beach. (see video)

According to the L.A. times blog, Michael Lazovsky caught this video when his family “pulled off the 405 freeway near Belmont Heights to get a better look at the funnel cloud.”

Today’s storm, the second of four that are expected to sweep over Long Beach, has caused flooding on the 710 Freeway and along some Long Beach streets. (Check out the photo gallery on LBPost.com)

The third, and most likely, strongest storm system of the week is expected Wednesday afternoon into Thursday night with the threat of showers continuing into Friday. Residents and business are strongly urged to prepare for more significant rainfall.

A coastal Flood Watch is in effect through late Wednesday night. A high surf advisory remains in effect until 11 a.m. on Friday.

Melissa Williams sent in these photos of the flooded area at 10th and Bennet.


Top: The water at its near-highest point. Below: After about an hour, the flood receded and the fire department arrived to check on residents.


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6 Responses to “Rain, hail and wind batter Long Beach … tornado confirmed with video!”
  1. jackie says:


  2. LUIS says:

    wow your stupid……
    its not even funny.

  3. Lianne says:

    * “you’re”

    try to use correct grammar when criticizing others(:

  4. Deana Cox says:

    OMG, I am from Long Beach, moved to San Jose, Ca. this past June. I tried calling family & friends when I heard the news about a Tornado there. I am glad that it didn’t cause too much damage. I am glad all are OK back home. I was just so amazed that Long Beach could have a Tornado, Earthquake yes, Tornado No!

  5. Marc A. says:

    LB is scheduled to hav tornadoes once every 10yrs.the last one was 8 yrs ago by millikan and destroyed a local mcdonalds!I hope they close school on thrusday.I hav a project due 🙁

  6. CindyC says:

    The last tornado destroyed the McDonald’s? I missed that. It did knock down a tree and caused damage to our roof. I’m glad I didn’t see one again this week.