Friends and Colleagues Rally Together to Raise Funds in Support of Local Hit-and-Run Victim

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hit-and-run victim

Friends are raising money for local hit-and-run victim Shannon Medina

Editor’s Note: We received a plea for help this morning from a group that is raising money to help their Friends and Colleague Shannon Medina, who was injured last month in a hit-and-run accident. Their letter is published below in its entirety.

Dear Leaders Colleagues, and Friends,

A terrible and heartbreaking tragedy has fallen on one of our industry’s best and brightest and your help is needed.  For those of you who have not heard, on October 14 at 9:30pm Shannon Medina was crossing the street in front of her residence when she was violently hit by a car.  The driver did not stop and fled the scene.  Shannon’s body was thrown more than 20 feet and landed crumpled and broken.

She was hit on the left side resulting in broken left crucial knee ligaments, a broken pelvis which they have pinned in 3 places, a broken ankle in 2 places, severe head trauma causing brain bleeding and left eye nerve damage, and a collapsed lung.  Her diaphragm muscle was torn pushing her intestines and stomach up into her chest cavity.  Her spleen ruptured and had to be removed and she has a blood clot in her right arm. Medina is currently in the hospital as the doctors attempt to put her shattered body back together again.  There is no question this will be very long and difficult process for Shannon involving serious and significant rehabilitation.  It is difficult at this time to know exactly what the future holds for her.

Shannon, you may already know that she received her degree in Interior Design from Brooks College 16 years ago. Over the last 9 years Shannon has been with IA, where she was a Design Director and Senior Associate.  Earlier this year, Shannon moved to Westgroup Designs to begin a new chapter of her career.  She is an imbedded and valued part of our design community.

Those who know Shannon will tell you of her gentle ways, creative gifts, and stimulating insights.  Those who are fortunate to be close to her know Shannon as a “bright light” who makes everyone around her feel a little bit better.  Shannon’s kind and determined soul has touched many of us who have been blessed to work with her.

Right now Shannon needs our help!  She is facing a very difficult, enormously painful, and prolonged recovery.  And as she fights back to regain herself, she faces an undeterminable future.  A Fund has been established to help Shannon with the challenges of her recovery.  We ask that everyone in our wonderful community come together and support Shannon’s recovery with a donation.  Our community is capable of great achievements. Together, we create spectacular buildings, develop great workspaces, improve people’s surroundings, and help sustain our world.  This is a time for us to come together and achieve one more great industry accomplishment … please help turn-on just one light and help Shannon shine once again.

Please give a donation by sending visiting The Shannon Medina Bright Light Fund.

Thank you for your contributions, prayers and best wishes.  We all look forward to Shannon rejoining us soon.

For encouraging thoughts and messages visit Shannon Medina Bright Light Fund Facebook page.

Please contact Christy Bouquet for any additional questions about Shannon and her recovery:

Christy Bouquet
Cell: 949.838.7980
Office: 949.769.6403

Deborah Haas
Office Manager
Direct: 949.769.6415

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