Rancho Los Alamitos Celebrates Opening of the Restored Native Garden

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rancho-los-alamitosRancho Los Alamitos Historic Ranch and Gardens will commemorate the newly restored one-acre historic native garden on Saturday, June 6 from 11:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Join the celebration of the renowned cultural landscapes that have become a part of Southern California’s rich historic heritage.

The native garden uses California native plants and companion Mediterranean plants to exhibit harmony, compatibility and sustainability.

“The combination of the works of man, nature and art creates a landscape legacy that is ready to be discovered by the community,” said Pamela Seager, Rancho director.

The opening day for the Rancho Los Alamitos Gardens will offer numerous activities designed for all ages. Explorations of the historic garden will take place throughout the day with ongoing tours of the Rancho house and gardens. The tours are guided by Rancho docents and include archival displays of the history of the gardens.

The event will also include family garden explorations, craft and art activities, culinary workshops and performances by the Susie Hansen Latin Band. A native plant sale will give guests the opportunity to buy unique home and garden items.

The Rancho will also host four keynote seminars on opening day by prominent horticulturalists, landscape architects and garden historians. Speakers will focus on the historic restoration of the Rancho gardens, native plants and modern landscaping. The knowledgeable speakers will provide a list and details about the ideal native plants and companion plants for smaller gardens. Additional resources for gardening with native plants will also be provided by the presenters. For gardeners, the experts will provide tips for balancing time, energy and water use in the garden.

The Rancho is providing free admission to the Rancho and to site activities, but the seminars require pre-registration and fees. The fee for admission to all four seminars is $40. Individual seminars are $10 for RLA and RSABG members and $12 for non-members. Refreshments will be available at a reasonable cost.

There is limited ticket availability, and advance reservations are required. Tickets will be held at the door, and seminars will be in the Green Tent Ramada.

Parking is at California State University Lot 11 located on Palo Verde Avenue between Atherton and University Drive with continuous shuttle service to the Rancho.

For more information on the event’s activities and seminars go to www.rancholosalamitos.com.

The opening day celebrations are sponsored by: The Boeing Company, Rivers and Mountains Conservancy, Rancho Los Alamitos Foundation, Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, Tree of Life Nursery, Kellogg Garden Supply and Melissa’s World Variety Produce.

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