Raspin Stuwart Performs Live at Peet’s Coffee & Tea Sunday July 24th

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at Peet's Coffee

Singer-songwriter Raspin Stuwart performs a unique style of contemporary jazz that is filled with energy and soulfulness.

Head down to Belmont Shore to savor the flavor and sounds with live musical performance by Raspin Stuwart on Sunday, July 24th at Peet’s Coffee & Tea.

Eclectic song stylist Raspin Stuwart takes so many approaches in his song writing that critics have said, “his songs place a premium on intelligent lyricism, demonstrating a clear and almost writerly (as in print) sensitivity.”

Raspin Stuwart’s original music is a melting pot of acoustic folk-pop, jazz, R & B and a touch of gospel, spiced with uniquely-stylized vocals, animated performances and spontaneous energy. He is an eclectic artist whose offbeat twist on adult contemporary music has hypnotized and enthralled audiences.

Ideally suited to environments like Los Angeles and New York, the songs on his current CD “We Do What We Do” reflect the diverse cross-cultural blend of contemporary life.

Raspin Stuwart will perform at Peet’s Coffee & Tea 5246 E. Second Street in Belmont on Sunday, July 24, 2011 from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm.


One Response to “Raspin Stuwart Performs Live at Peet’s Coffee & Tea Sunday July 24th”
  1. NY2LA says:

    This was a great show! Raspin is an amazing performer — can’t wait to see him again. The best song of the day was definitely “New York to L.A.”