Recycle your e-waste for free at 3rd district collection drive

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electronics recycling long beach

The chemicals found in everyday electronics like computer monitors, televisions and cell phones are extremely dangerous and can only be disposed of at specific recycling centers that are trained to handle e-waste.

However, Long Beach residents can get rid of their e-waste for free this weekend. Councilmember Gary DeLong and the Atherton South Neighborhood Association (ASNA) will host a free “Drive Thru” electronics recycling event Saturday, March 27.

The electronic waste collection drive will take place in the parking lot at Cornerstone Church. And, in true drive-thru spirit, help will be available to unload items from your car, while you just sit and relax.

A variety of e-waste items will be accepted for recycling or proper disposal including: televisions, computer monitors, computer systems, ink cartridges, printers, fax machines, and cell phones. Both business and consumer electronics can be dropped off. Please do not bring appliances, lighting or batteries.

Many of the chemicals and heavy metals that are used to make electronics wreak havoc on the ecosystem. In some cases, disposing of electronics in a landfill is also illegal because they may contain lead, arsenic, or mercury—all of which are extremely toxic.

Don’t risk your health or the health of the planet by holding onto to old electronics. Drive by the Cornerstone Church to recycle your e-waste for free Saturday, March 27 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at 1000 North Sutdebaker Road. For more information contact Anne Cramer by calling 562-570-6300.

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