Councilmembers Request Creation of RED TEAM in Hopes of Moving Long Beach Kroc Center Project Forward

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Long Beach Councilmembers Dee Andrews and Rae Gabelich are taking the lead by requesting the Long Beach City Council to direct the City Manager to create a City led RED TEAM.  This Red Team, similar to the C-17 Red Team that the City created to keep the Boeing program in Long Beach, will assist the Long Beach Kroc Center in a variety of areas.

There are two obstacles needed to be overcome in order to make the dream of the Long Beach Kroc Center a reality:

Successful completion of the land transfer and a developer agreement in place.

In order for the Kroc Foundation to release the majority of the funds needed to build the Kroc Center, it is stipulated there needs to be local involvement and a commitment from the community to the Center. Currently, the Salvation Army needs to reach a $15 million goal.

The Kroc Center Red Team’s purpose would be to: coordinate a public awareness campaign on the value of having the Kroc Center in our city;  clear the way and expedite, post haste, all issues regarding the land, transfer and lease; help find public and private financial support to reach the threshold of the $15 million (Correct Amount) needed to trigger the funding of the Center. We need to leverage our relationships with other government entities at the federal, state and local levels.

Beyond the social benefits, the proposed Kroc Center will provide much needed economic benefits. They include, but are not limited to: job creation, increasing property values, increased tax base, increased economic activity for surrounding community, academic achievement and reduction in crime rates. It is expected to take more than two years to build all of the elements of the Kroc Center on the property. An estimated 600 construction jobs will be needed to develop the site. The Long Beach Kroc Center will employ 175 to 210 people once it opens.

“The Kroc Center is a dream project because it touches everyone who lives in Long Beach and surrounding communities. We need to make this development project priority one. It has virtually unlimited social and athletic programs. It is also a premier economic opportunity for Central Long Beach community and beyond. We are not that far away from making this dream into a reality. When we get all ‘hands on deck’ we can do anything reasonably possible to assist this project” said Councilman Dee Andrews.

”The Kroc Center is an investment in our future that the City cannot afford to pass up.  The benefits of the Center for our young people, the local economy and really the entire City are invaluable.  The City of Long Beach should be actively involved in making sure we meet the requirements to make the Kroc Center a reality and rally the community around that goal,” said Councilwoman Gabelich.

For more information about the Long Beach Kroc Center please visit the Long Beach Kroc Center website.

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