Does your exercise routine need a Resolution Redo? Try a free fitness class

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The outdoor fitness organization South Bay Fit Camp will lead free exercise classes in Long Beach on March 13 and 15 as a “Resolution Redo”—giving those who didn’t quite launch the fitness program they had intended at the New Year (or are already bored with their gym workouts) an opportunity for a fun, fresh start.

The classes, which apply their signature “adult recess” approach to the increasingly popular fitness “boot camp” format, will be offered at various times over the course of the two days.

Designed to challenge participants of all levels—from advanced exercisers to the newly-inspired—South Bay Fit Camp classes use games and other activities to improve cardiovascular function, increase muscle tone, and reduce fat, while building camaraderie and relieving stress.

“We spend so much of our lives stressed and indoors, so many American adults have forgotten how to play!” says the lead instructor, Emily Duval Ledger. “Our goal is to prove that fitness can—and should—be fun, and that the process of getting in shape can be as rewarding and enjoyable as the end result.”

South Bay Fit Camp also offers Mommy Fit Camp classes for moms and moms-to-be, integrating their signature style with strong emphasis on core strength and endurance for a healthier pregnancy and quicker recovery. Little ones are welcome at these classes, so there’s no need for childcare, and participants are encouraged to stay after for a play date.

For more information on South Bay Fit Camp, or to reserve a spot at one of the free classes, go to, or call (562) 243-2221. A complete class schedule is available at


One Response to “Does your exercise routine need a Resolution Redo? Try a free fitness class”
  1. Susan Ward says:

    I read Does your exercise routine need a Resolution Redo? I have been thinking about either roller skating or inline skating, to get outdoors and do something different.
    After watching figure skaters on tv this week, I was amazed at thier great shape. Both men and women look so fit and trim from skating. I believe it will help with the core as well. My question, does anyone know how I can take lessons or learn how to roller skate. I have problems with my balance and can’t seem to move my feet the right way.