Ristorante daVinci creates delicious desserts for Great American Bake Sale

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davinci-bake-saleRistorante daVinci hosts numerous charitable events every year. Now they are turning their utensils to another worthy cause. Ristorante daVinci is taking part in the Great American Bake Sale.

Share Our Strength’s Great American Bake Sale® is a national campaign that mobilizes Americans to end childhood hunger by holding bake sales in their communities. Since 2003, more than a million people have participated in the Great American Bake Sale, raising nearly $4 million to fight hunger in communities across America.

Funds raised from the Great American Bake Sale will be granted to organizations to support summer and afterschool feeding programs for low-income children.

Ristorante daVinci is selling three (3) products: Lemon Bars, Granola Bars, and Chocolate Chip Cookies. The price is $10 per dozen of any combination. (4-4-4) or (6-6) and there is a discount for any orders above 3 dozens.

  • 1 Dozen – daVinci Chocolate Chip Cookies – $10.00
  • 1 Dozen – daVinci Lemon Bars – $10.00
  • 1 Dozen – daVinci Granola Bars – $10.00
  • Any Combination of 4 Dozen – $35.00
  • 1 Ristorante daVinci Platter – $20.00
    (8 granola, 8 cookies, 4 lemon bars, strawberries, blackberries on a platter) 

To place an order for a dozen chocolate chip cookies, lemon bars, or granola bars email Executive Chef Joseph Gotti at joseph@davincilb.com with your Name, Address, Phone Number, and the number of dozen you would like to order. 

All proceeds from the bake sale are going to benefit, Share Our Strength ®, a national organization working to make sure no kid in America grows up hungry. Since 2003, more than 1.3 million people have participated in the Great American Bake Sale, raising nearly $5 million.

Professional packaging will be provided by Ristorante DaVinci. Mailing order will be made available with shipping charges, including online sales and credit card purchases dedicated to a charity account established by Ristorante DaVinci accounting department. Delivery will be approximate 5-7 days from date of order or a specified date by the customer.

The Great American Bake Sale ends June 30. Email Ristorante daVinci joseph@davincilb to place your order.

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