Road Trip: The Maternity Salad

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There comes a point in a pregnant woman’s life, where, between a full term 37 weeks and your due date of 40 weeks, the tendency is to sit in agony waiting to meet your baby. Sometimes our doctors will even let us go over, to 42 weeks which makes the anticipation even more heightened.

A friend had told me of a salad, renowned only to the desperately pregnant, that is said to induce labor to those women who are overdue, impatient, particularly miserable, or like me, terribly curious.  The salad is actually called “THE Salad” and is served at Caioti Pizza Café in Studio City, CA.  I hadn’t actually considered trying it, until I visited my doctor who, after my 39 week visit, decided it was time to schedule an induction. It turned out as a first timer I was not progressing much. And, to be honest, the baby’s head was getting a little large.

Induction. A word that leaves the expecting mother bleary eyed, anxious, and with the insidious feeling of not quite making it to the finish line. The idea of being strapped to an IV facing Goliath sized contractions while hauntingly screaming like all the Hollywood movies we see leaves us first timers quaking in our boots. Pitocin might as well be spelled S-A-T-A-N.

The area where Caioti Pizza Café is located is a quaint part of Studio City, home to clothing and interior design shops. I knew I was in the right spot when I saw a very pregnant woman sitting at an outside table. Once inside, the tables were littered with them, all shifty eyed and desperate.

Our waiter, being a slave to the obvious, knew why we were here, and hustled up some menus. Why bother? We all laughed as I asked him for THE Salad, and whatever pizza he recommended, along with the garlic rolls I had heard about too.  The pizza he suggested, the Salsiccia, which had sausage, mushrooms, gorgonzola, mozzarella latte, fresh basil and pine nuts sounded delish!

Surprisingly, “The” Salad was excellent, with gorgonzola, walnuts, romaine and excellent balsamic basil vinaigrette. The vinaigrette is said to be the “inducer” and there is actually a website where you are able to order it shipped to you as well!  The pizza was filling and the garlic rolls were divine.  As a backup plan, I ordered “The” Salad and a Smoked Chicken Pizza to go in addition. It really was so nice, why not have it twice? I also was offered “The” Book, in which to sign and journal that I was indeed here and indeed attempted to induce my labor by eating salad.

Alas, so far, eight hours have passed and I am not in labor.  The food and service makes this road trip worth it anyhow, and naturally, the baby is on the way, one way or the other, so when she does decide to make her entrance, I will no doubt credit “The” Salad anyhow!

Caioti Café is located at 4346 Tujunga  Ave, Studio City, CA 91604. For additional info visit THE Salad web page.

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