Salute to Pork begins this week at Michael’s on Naples

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rooftop dining at Michaels on Naples patioMichael’s On Naples is going “hog wild” on Thursday with a week-long salute to the “other white meat” that will highlight various pork dishes February 18–25.

All week, Executive Chef David Coleman will prepare a specials featuring Becker Lane certified organic, pasture-raised pork.

Pork from Becker Lane is used by only the finest chefs in the world as the pigs are raised in a 2,000-year-old tradition of being fed acorns and allowed to graze freely. According the Becker Lane website, the pork under the organic label has been reared on a farm where every step is considered a sacred art form, and the animals have lived in a natural environment with the highest standard of pig production anywhere on the planet.

The $55 per-person Salute to Pork features a four-course chef’s tasting menu with house-made sausages, slow-cooked pork belly with heirloom beans, house-made mortadella, warm testa salad and country-style pork chops with braised leeks. Pork items will also be available from the a la carte.

Chef Coleman says that the week-long program goes hand-in-hand with the restaurant’s adherence to the slow food movement that reinforces the connection between “planet, plate and palate.”  People who follow this concept embrace the notion that with the pleasure of dining comes the responsibility to protect the heritage, tradition, and culture of food.

“We’re delighted to launch our version of this Italian tradition, which underscores our commitment to the slow food movement. We believe that food should taste good and be produced in a clean manner without harming the environment, and that animals should be treated humanely in the process,” said Coleman.

Michael’s on Naples has a menu designed to protect the heritage, tradition and culture of food—herbs and spices are fresh, produce is organic and secured from local farmers, meats are organic and come from small-scale providers.

For more information, call (562) 439-7080 or visit

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