Scholarships Offered to High School Students for Magellan Study Abroad 2013 Summer Immersion Programs

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Magellan Study Abroad participants love Salamanca for its amazing and safe setting. (PRNewsFoto/Magellan Study Abroad)

Scholarships of $2000 and upwards will be offered to academically qualified high school students who will be applying to the recently launched scholarship program for Magellan Study Abroad 2013 summer immersion programs to Spain. The total scholarship fund will exceed the past 7 years of scholarships combined. Today’s high school students have understood that they will be working and living in a more diverse America with a third of the population speaking Spanish during the span of their working life (source: U.S. Census Bureau). Magellan Study Abroad is committing to help high school students interested in embarking on a summer study abroad adventure, and for the first time funds are made available to high school students outside of California.

“The appeal for month-long immersion programs is stronger than ever. We not only have seen steady numbers in enrollment but also students more involved in the decision making and funding of their program,” says Chris Chabaudie, Founder of Magellan Study Abroad, who has been leading study abroad programs for 10 years. “Student fundraising has increased 50% over the last 5 years and it’s precisely because of their participation into funding their program that parents are willing to help.” He adds, “In order to make sure all motivated students travel we have made the unprecedented move to introduce a larger scholarship fund which will reward students ready to take the leap.”

The competition outside of high school is already fierce either when applying for higher education or interviewing for a job. Finding ways to dramatically improve language skills during teen’s years can have a tremendous impact later in life. “I can’t imagine a better way to have made my college application more appealing and a better choice at a turning point of my teen life,” says Lindsay Sepulveda from Cerritos, CA, who has participated in two consecutive summer programs with Magellan Study Abroad in Spain. “I have recently graduated and am now in China. With the two eye-opening programs I participated in I felt better prepared than any expat I have met who had never set foot outside of the U.S.”

Aside from the formidable language boost, a summer immersion experience is an educational opportunity that allows students to grow and gain an enormous boost of self-confidence. Moving away from home and being accountable for nearly every aspect of their lives for the first time can be daunting. Julia Gutierrez, a recent Magellan Alumni from Long Beach, CA, shared, “I returned from my month in Spain and realized that I can take care of myself without my parents watching over my every move.”

Julia has applied to colleges on the East Coast and the prospect of attending college far away from home no longer tops her list of fears. Julia honestly feels that her time spent abroad has been a major catalyst in her decision to apply to out-of-state colleges. She even wrote her college essay about her experience. In many ways, her study abroad month keeps giving and delivering far beyond what she had ever imagined.

Scholarship applications are accepted until January 31, 2013. All details and inquiries can be made at

ABOUT MAGELLAN STUDY ABROAD: MSA provides summer immersion programs for high school students as well as educational tours to a variety of destinations in Europe, Central and South America. For more information regarding the scholarship fund, contact, visit or call Chris Chabaudie at 877-276-8617.


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