Schooner or Later: Spend A Day in The Sun

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brunch at schooner or later

The breakfast burrito at Schooner or Later is huge -- stuffed full of bacon, eggs, potatoes, onions, cheese and green peppers.

Weekday Brunch at Schooner or Later

With the brisk sun finally showing its face again after a flooded week or two in December, I was in need of some Vitamin D. I am sure I was not the only one feeling a bit caged and claustrophobic by the rains. We bundled ourselves up and headed down to the water to soak up the winter rays and look out over the water on a quiet week day.

Schooner or Later is a Long Beach staple and a favorite Sunday brunch haunt, particularly in the summer when you can sit at the outside patio and daydream about what life would be like if you lived it in a 47-foot Catalina that was docked here.

I love the beach towns of Southern California in the winter months. During the warmer days of the year, the hipsters, locals, and generally “hung over” will travel by bike or foot to Schooner or Later to drink, eat, congregate and admire the scenery, often while waiting over an hour for a table near the water. During the shorter winter days, tables are easier to come by, the service is faster, and the crowd seems quieter and more introspective.

I ordered the Breakfast Burrito which was gigantic, came with fruit and was garnished with delicious guacamole, sour cream and salsa. It was stuffed full of bacon, eggs, potatoes, onions, cheese and green peppers.  There was no way I was even finishing half of this, and I wish we would have split it.

Above all, the view makes Schooner or Later the place to be when the sun is out. If you want to beat the crowd, arrive early or on a week day when most of the regular crowd is at work. If you want to see, be seen or be part of the crowd, go on a weekend but make sure you give yourself some cushion on time, because you will be waiting. The Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s should see you through until your table is ready, and once it is, you can give in to your desire to relax, kick your feet up, take in the sun and water, and enjoy the scenery.

Schooner or Later is located at 241 North Marina Drive, Long Beach 90803. For more information call: (562) 430-3495 or visit

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One Response to “Schooner or Later: Spend A Day in The Sun”
  1. Neale Smull says:

    I love their brunch on the weekend. Didn’t occur to me to try it mid-week.