Search Warrants & Probation Searches Lead to Arrests; End Months of Burglaries

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arrested.jpgOn Wednesday, January 12, 2011, the Long Beach Police Department served search warrants at five residents and conducted six probation searches, all in the City of Long Beach, regarding a ring of primarily juvenile suspects committing residential burglaries. These burglaries occurred mainly in the East and South Divisions of Long Beach over the past several months.

Below are the locations and arrests made as a result of the search warrants served:

Location: Arrests: Charge:
900 Block of Ohio Avenue 16-year-old LB male Burglary
900 Block of Gaviota Avenue 14-year-old LB male Burglary
1800 Block E. 6th Street 13-year-old LB male Burglary
200 Block of Chestnut Avenue 17-year-old LB male Burglary
800 Block of Gardenia Avenue 14-year-old questioned and released

Loss that included electronics, jewelry and other miscellaneous property from several reported burglaries was recovered from several of these locations, and in some cases has already been returned to the victim(s).

Additionally, probation searches were also conducted at six residences and additional arrests were made:

1900 Block of E. 4th Street 15-year-old LB male Burglary
1700 Block of Obispo Avenue 18-year-old LB male
Possession of Narcotics for Sales

1600 Block of E. 10th Street 15-year-old questioned and released
900 Block of Walnut Avenue 15-year-old questioned and released
1400 Block of Atlantic Avenue No contact with subject made
500 Block of E. 17th Street No contact with subject made

Investigators do believe that these suspects may be responsible for other burglaries and the investigation is ongoing. Anyone who may have any information regarding this investigation should contact Youth Services Detective Gary Lawson at (562) 570-1426. To anonymously text or e-mail a tip, the community can do so by visiting the Long Beach Police Department’s website.

A city-wide Truancy Sweep was conducted today from 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., and are conducted regularly throughout the school year. Residents are reminded that if they see any suspicious individuals or activity at anytime of the day or night, they should always call 9-1-1 immediately.

Anyone who may have been a victim of burglary that has not been reported to police should contact the Long Beach Police Department’s Communications Center at (562) 435-6711. Residents wishing to learn more about protecting themselves and their property should visit the Crime Prevention section of Long Beach Police Department’s website.

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