Seismic Survey Demonstration & Broadway Visioning Community Meeting – September 29

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Suja-Lowenthal Broadway Visioning - 2030
Vice Mayor Suja Lowenthal


Please join Vice Mayor Lowenthal for a demonstration activity for residents interested in the seismic survey trucks that will be coming to our part of the city in the coming months.

As you may know, Signal Hill Petroleum has been conducting survey tests with four seismic testing trucks and police escorts traversing areas of Long Beach in an effort to provide a detailed three-dimensional map of the region, including its complex pattern of earthquake faults and deep geology. It could also locate deposits of a possible 2 billion barrels of oil. The mapping, similar to medical ultrasonic imaging, uses acoustic waves to penetrate the earth. Data will be shared with the cities and academia. To create those waves, specially designed vehicles, called vibro-seis trucks, pound the street with devices resembling oversized pneumatic hammers that send out tremors that shake the earth. The trucks typically move in increments of 80 feet and conduct 12 25-second shakes per site.

On Wednesday, there will be a 30-minute opportunity for residents and business owners to see and feel the impact of the trucks in a seismic survey demonstration. Company representatives will be on hand to answer questions before we start our Broadway Visioning meeting.

Seismic Survey Demonstration

Wednesday, September 29

5:30 pm – 6:00 pm

Bixby Park Community Room 130 Cherry Avenue, Long Beach, 90802.


How would you like to see Broadway change in the short term and over the next 20 to 30 years? Would you like to see more pedestrian friendly amenities? Should there be traffic calming measures introduced? Is there a look that you would like to see supported through street signs, lights, bicycle racks, trees and other public infrastructure?

gary-delong chamber business networking lunch
Councilmember Gary DeLong

Join Vice Mayor Suja Lowenthal, Councilmember Gary DeLong, City staff, residents and businesses for an evening focused on developing a vision for Broadway, from Alamitos Avenue to points beyond Redondo Avenue.

Broadway Visioning – 2030

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Bixby Park Community Room 130 Cherry Avenue, Long Beach, 90802.

For more information about the Seismic Survey Demonstration or Broadway Visioning 2030, please contact the Second Council District office at (562) 570-6684

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