Senate Democrats propose 27 bills to stimulate job growth in California

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Sen. Jenny Oropeza has introduced a bill in the California legislature that, if approved, could quickly create hundreds of jobs for youth to clean beaches, highways, parks and restore areas hit by fires.

Senate Bill X8 30 proposes the appropriation of $20 million from Proposition 84 for immediate job creation for local community conservation corps in urban inner-city areas.

“The California Conservation Corps has stood the test of time,” Oropeza, D-Long Beach, said about a program that has trained more than 100,000 men and women ages 18-25 since 1976. “These youths work hard building roads, building parks and planting trees. The fruit of their labor benefits both them and their communities.”

Modeled after the successful Civilian Conservation Corps launched by President Franklin D. Roosevelt during the Great Depression of the 1930s, California’s version has been lauded by a wide range of groups for its effectiveness in job training, helping youths and their communities, and preserving the environment.

Oropeza’s longtime support for the CCC dates to her tenure on the Long Beach City Council 16 years ago when she led a community effort to build Cesar E. Chavez Park, which became the first park in the city maintained by CCC members.

Known as Senate Bill X8 30, Oropeza’s measure is part Agenda 2010, a 27-bill package designed to create 140,000 jobs without raising taxes or doing away with any existing environmental, labor or consumer protections. Funding would come from Proposition 84, approved by voters in 2006.

Introduced by the Senate Democratic Caucus, the bills proposed will achieve their agenda without raising taxes or waiving any environmental, consumer, or workplace protection laws.  Further, all of the bills need only a majority vote for approval. Agenda 2010 is broken up into four parts:

  • Investment of State and Federal Funds to Improve Infrastructure and Create jobs
  • Expansion of Jobs in the New Economy
  • Preparing the State’s Workforce
  • Valuing California’s Working Families

No hearing date has yet been set for the legislative package. Read about specific proposals on the Agenda 2010 legislation page.

Agenda 2010 also includes a bill introduced by Senator Alan Lowenthal aimed at increasing construction jobs by funding affordable housing projects in the state. SBX8 27, SB958 would designate the Department of Housing and Community Development to distribute an anticipated $193 million in federal funds received from the National Housing Trust Fund to build affordable housing in California.  Even if Agenda 2010 passes, SBX8 27 /  SB958 will requires passage of the federal jobs bill before state legislation can be enacted.

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