SENSUI New Beauty: solar-powered, green day spa opens in Seal Beach

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sensui-new-beautySENSUI New Beauty, a new solar-powered green day spa that opened this month in Seal Beach, integrates green building concepts with natural beauty principles to provide a healthy and relaxing escape for patrons, with minimal environmental impact.

The luxurious state-of-the-art spa was designed by environmentally proactive founder and Director, Anna Girardi, who has made a significant commitment and investment in providing the finest, ultra-hygienic beauty treatments and products, while minimizing her operation’s impact on the environment. Girardi has also sought out and partnered with many beauty suppliers that share an environmentally friendly consciousness, utilizing, for example, wind power in their manufacturing processes, and using natural, vegan, and organic ingredients in their beauty products.

The expansive facility, which is housed in Seal Beach’s first solar-powered building, features 13 treatment rooms, a nail salon, steam rooms and showers, a luxurious beauty room, a large lounge and reading room, and a boutique featuring novel green-themed gifts, as well as many of the specialized products used in the spa.

After spending more than a year researching the latest advances in environmental technology, energy conservation, and sustainable eco-friendly building materials, Girardi oversaw the transformation of an existing commercial space from start to finish, even registering the project with the United States Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) green building certification program.

Girardi began the project by recycling and refurbishing much of the existing fabric of the building, thereby reducing construction waste by 80%. She then went on to incorporate many energy- and natural resource-saving features into the spa, including a 100-panel solar heating installation, controlled by a smart solar efficiency monitoring system; tankless water heaters that save energy by heating water only as needed; ultra-efficient air conditioners, which allow cooling of individual zones, rather than of the entire building; a natural daylight lighting system which consumes no electrical energy at all; and drought-resistant external plantings, surrounding an artificial lawn, which eliminate the need for landscape watering.

Additional measures taken in pursuit of achieving LEED certification include the installation of carpet, flooring, and ceiling tiles made from recycled materials; paint, adhesives, and other building components that are free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), cabinetry and flooring made from renewable wood sources; re-circulating hot water pumps, low-flow toilets, and aerated faucets and shower heads, which reduce water waste, and ongoing consultation by a LEED Accredited Professional (AP), to ensure compliance throughout the renovation process.

A hands-on entrepreneur, whose first career was in engineering, Girardi has seen the project through from design to completion, researching eco-friendly building methods and materials, overseeing construction, sourcing the most technically advanced equipment and high-quality beauty products, and finally managing the spa on a day-to-day basis – to the very highest hygiene standards – while, incidentally, also being six months pregnant with her first child.

“It’s been a lifelong goal of mine to apply the many amazing advances in knowledge and technology that we’ve gained over the years, to a business that serves this community, in a way that also preserves our world resources and environment,” reflected Girardi. “There are endless possibilities for improving the way we do things, and I feel personally challenged, both as an engineer and a business person, to continue breaking new ground in the practical use of modern environmental and technological advances.”

SENSUI New Beauty offers a healthy and relaxing oasis within an environmentally friendly setting. Located at 1350 Pacific Coast Highway in Seal Beach, CA, this full-service spa offers massage, vegan manicure and pedicure services, facials, and waxing. The facility offers spacious locker rooms with excellent amenities, as well as relaxation lounges, and a gift boutique with unique products from companies that share SENSUI New Beauty’s environmentally conscious philosophy. For further information or reservations, please call (562) 431-1772, or visit the website at


2 Responses to “SENSUI New Beauty: solar-powered, green day spa opens in Seal Beach”
  1. Kudos to Girardi for achieving such a great accomplishment with a green spa! This is one of the directions we really need to go when it comes to recycling and being mindful of how much we typically waste and take for granted, particularly when it comes to water.

    I’m certain SENSUI New Beauty’s clients will appreciate the time and effort Girardi has put into her spa.

  2. Michelle says:

    I love what they’re doing here. I got a massage here, and it was a really great massage on top of it. The place is beautiful. I want to live there!