Seven-Ten Swap: 4 Years of Community Building Through Sharing

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Have any items laying around that you no longer use but don’t have the heart to throw out? Imagine a community space where you could take them to and know that someone else will accept them and give it a new home. That is the vision behind the monthly Seven-Ten Swap, a free community exchange where people can give items that are clean and in good condition to pass on to others. There will be a celebration for the event’s 4 year anniversary this Friday, July 18, 2014 at 641 Pine Ave. Long Beach, Ca 90802. Donations and potluck begins at 6:30pm. Everyone is free to browse and receive items at “7:10pm.”

The Seven-Ten Swap is a time and space to share what you have and to find what you need. People can receive items from the swap, whether they brought something to the exchange or not. It is an open and free format. Examples of items that are exchanged include (but are not limited to) clothes for men and women, children’s toys, kitchenware, movies, CDs, video games, and books.

Organizers for the event believe that sharing builds community. Sharon Moiseiff, event organizer said, “We have found that when you create an environment for people to share, they do.” She went on to describe that people tend to bring more items than they take away so there’s always a surplus for the next exchange. This process promotes recycling of material items for reuse and reduces overall consumption.

The Seven-Ten Swap is a program of the Long Beach Free Store which is a project of the Catalyst Network of Communities, a 501c3 nonprofit social impact organization helping people to connect, collaborate, and share resources.

Four years ago, Moiseiff was looking for spaces to conduct occasional swap events that she had been organizing in various parts of Southern California. She found shared vision with Eric Leocadio, founder and Executive Director for Catalyst and they decided to partner together to bring a monthly sharing event to Long Beach.

The Seven-Ten Swap was born which ultimately led to the establishment of the Long Beach Free Store with Moiseiff at the helm. In the past four years, they have made a concerted effort to bring the value of sharing to the forefront of the Long Beach community experience through pop-up free stores at festivals and events, temporary store fronts, themed swap events, the monthly Seven-Ten Swap, as well as writing articles and providing resources that promote sharing, the gift-economy, and collaborative consumption.

For more info about the Seven-Ten Swap and the Long Beach Free Store, find them on Facebook at or send email to For more info about Catalyst Network of Communities, visit them at

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