Studio City Sewage Spill Causes Beach Closures in Long Beach

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beach-closed-no-swimming Beach Advisory Issued Following RainstormThe City Health Officer, Dr. Helene Calvet, has closed the open coastal beaches in the City of Long Beach following a sewage release into the Los Angeles River near Studio City last night, estimated at 250,000 gallons. According the Los Angeles County Bureau of Sanitation, the recent rains overwhelmed the sewage system and caused the overflow. The release was reported at 8:00 pm and had stopped by 11:45 pm, March 20. The sewage flowed directly into the Los Angeles River near Studio City approximately 39 miles upstream from Long Beach. Pursuant to State Law, the City Health Officer is closing all open coastal beaches potentially impacted by this spill. The closure is intended to protect the public from the harmful impacts connected with the sewage spill. The closure will be in effect until water testing results are within State standards.

In addition to the closure of the open coastal beaches, the Health Officer is issuing a general Rain Advisory for all swimming areas, including beaches and bays. After any significant rainfall (0.10″ or more) high levels of bacteria from storm drains, rivers, and polluted runoff enter into our ocean. People should always pay particular attention to any warning signs posted at the beach for their safety.

Water quality monitoring will continue to be conducted by the City of Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services Water Quality Program daily until the beaches are cleared. Additional advisories may be issued as necessary.

More information about the water quality in Long Beach may be obtained from the Department of Health and Human Services Water Quality Information Line, 562.570.4199, or from the Department’s website at

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