Sewage spill closes Mother’s Beach, Marine Stadium and Colorado Lagoon recreational swimming areas

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beach-closed-no-swimmingUpdate: LB Health Department reopened the beaches July 30.

Acting City Health Officer Fred Herman, M.D., has issued a beach closure order for Mother’s Beach, Marine Stadium and Colorado Lagoon in Long Beach. The order was issued due to a sewage overflow that entered the storm system approximately ¼ mile away from the Los Cerritos Channel.  Los Cerritos Channel leads directly to Mother’s Beach, Marine Stadium and Colorado Lagoon.

The spill, reported to Health Officials at approximately 10:30 pm Sunday, originated in the Bixby Terrace Area, just east of California State University, Long Beach. The amount is estimated at approximately 1,000 gallons.  The cause of the overflow was the failure of circuit breakers in a private pump station. The sewage discharge has been contained and crews are working to remove the blockage and make repairs on the pump station.

The affected area has been posted with closure signs.  Decisions on the duration of the beach closures and postings will be based on the water test results.  The Health Department will be conducting daily bacterial testing of these areas until bacteria levels are within State standards.  All water contact activity will be prohibited in these areas until bacteria levels are safe for swimming as determined by the City’s Health Officer.

Further information about the water quality in Long Beach may be obtained from the Department of Health and Human Services Water Quality Information Line 562.570.4199, or from the Department’s website at

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