Shift Long Beach Highlights Local Food Networks at Forum

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In the last fifty years, the meteoric rise of agribusiness giants like Monsanto and Cargill has wreaked havoc upon our global food supply, bankrupting small farmers while endangering the web of life with pollutants and genetically modified foods.

But a growing movement is striking back and taking action to maintain our food security in the 21st Century. These “greenhorns” are creating Community Supported Agriculture, tending urban gardens, building aquaponic systems, learning permaculture principles, starting Transition Towns and eco-villages, urban homesteading, saving seed varieties, and practicing slow food ethics to ensure agricultural sustainability.

This month, Shift Long Beach hosts a community discussion of the growing awareness of the food we consume and where it comes from, as well as the local food networks that are cropping up here in Long Beach. Shift LB will also be launching a guide to local food networks for participants to take home and share.

The event will take place at The Chestnut Lot (729 Chestnut Ave) on Thursday July 18th, from 6-8pm. Limited neighborhood parking is available, and alternative transportation is encouraged.

Food networks participating in the discussion include: Foodscape Long Beach (Ryan Serrano), Long Beach Grows (Donna Marykwas), Beach Greens (Aliye Aydin), Gladys Ave Farm (Atourina Barkho), Farm Lot 59 (Sasha Kanno), Rainbow Juices (Chrissy Cox), Green Long Beach (David Hedden), and City of Long Beach Sustainability Commission (Elliot Gonzales).

Shift Long Beach’s mission is to create positive social change and sustainability in Long Beach through educational, interactive events that empower local communities. More information is available at

This event is made possible with the support of The Long Beach Time Exchange, The Evolver Network, Foodscape Long Beach, and The Catalyst Network of Communities.

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