Signs of tolerance dwarf feeble protest attempts of Westboro Baptist Church

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wilson high school demonstrationProving that anyone can put out a press release, earlier this month the Westboro Baptist Church announced their intentions to protest the “pervert-run” Long Beach high school, Wilson Classical High School. What the Kansas-based church didn’t anticipate is how Long Beach would respond.

Residents were outraged to learn that WBC’s vile messages of intolerance would be brought to a school. It wasn’t long before the community was also planning to show up in protest.

Councilmembers Gerrie Schipske and Robert Garcia responded saying, “We stand in strong support of the peaceful demonstrations against the Westboro Baptist Church. The anti-gay, anti-Semitic, and anti-American views of this organization are in stark contrast to the diversity and strength of our City. We will be joining our fellow citizens is a peaceful counter-protest at Wilson High School on Friday.”

When the day arrived, Westboro sent 7 representatives with signs. Long Beach showed up with 4,500. The peaceful rally was watched over by the Long Beach Police Department and attended by several councilmembers, including Garcia (see video).

Claims that LBPD officers “yucked it up” while watching the greatly outnumbered WBC try to spread their anti-gay message, Westboro says they will add a protest at the Long Beach Police Department today. The also plans several other Long Beach demonstrations for this weekend.

* Editor’s Note: While still news, it would be inappropriate to pretend this article is not influenced by my own opinions. So, rather than try to present objectivity, this article is hereby labeled “Commentary.” Be sure to watch the video after the jump.

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7 Responses to “Signs of tolerance dwarf feeble protest attempts of Westboro Baptist Church”
  1. smileylizard says:

    i feel i fully represented my gen x class of wilson by not bothering to show up at the demonstration, you’re welcome….

  2. Emily says:

    They didn’t show up at the police department today… it was depressing we were all waiting to love them whether they liked it or not

  3. KaRi says:

    Nice job, Swoop!

    The music is uplifting, those protesting the protestors either looked concerned, righteous or they were smiling (Isn’t Robert Garcia adorable?!).

    Love the black kid with the Khmer Club sweat and of course the Free Hugs campaign (that almost looks like Juan Mann, founder of from Sydney?! He called into Mo Power’s show when the Sick Puppies played!)

    PS I like the way Wilson HS handled the “event.”

  4. Matt says:

    Good job to the students and everyone out there…I was caught in the middle at some points, but everything remained nonviolent (except for the words used, of course).

    Here’s another cool video of the “event.”

  5. Mary says:

    God bless the Westboro Baptist Church for not backing down in the face of wickedness and Godless adversity. Jesus didn’t die on the cross so you can wallow in your favorite sin like a pig in poop. Choose this day whom you will serve … God or Satan. If God, then repent.

  6. Swoop says:

    Thanks KaRi!
    Ridiculous message aside, it was a wonderful event to cover. So proud of the way Long Beach and the kids At Wilson handled the situation. Nice to see so many show up and stand strong against those that peddle hate for a living.

  7. Ron says:

    The students did handle it very well. It really is a shame that hatred, in the name of Christ, is used to lambaste everyone in their evil paths. Any person with an ounce of common sense knows that if Christ were here on earth, he would cast out the Westboro Baptist Church and he’d tell Fred Phelps to go get a life! What an evil, evil man he is.