Top Talent Teams Up for Silent Auction to Help Children in Indonesia

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Zoltan Torkos

Surfing phenomenon Zoltan Torkos, who executed the first kick-flip on a surfboard in 2011, and renowned artists Tiffany Baca and Derek M. Fox, will place items up for bid during a silent auction to benefit children in Indonesia at Within Arms Reach’s fundraiser on Oct. 25 in Long Beach.

The Imported Hearts & The Arts fundraiser takes place from 7 to 11 p.m. at Sababa Restaurant & Lounge, located at 6527 E. Pacific Coast Highway in Long Beach. Along with the auction, the event will include live bands, local artists, raffles and prizes, and an artistically-crafted bar menu. Torkos, Baca and Fox will be in attendance.

In partnership with the House Of Imported Hearts (HOIH), Within Arms Reach hopes to raise $10,000 to construct an educational orphanage to accommodate children on Java Island in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The children are in desperate need of comfortable living spaces and areas for them eat, learn, and interact.

In November 2011, the founders of the HOIH began rescuing children from the slums of Indonesia and providing them shelter, food, clothing, and medicine.

However, the organization needs a larger facility to house the growing number of children, and all the fundraiser proceeds will go directly to making that happen.

“It is truly exciting to have an athlete as passionate as Zoltan and artists with the international appeal of Tiffany Baca and Derek M. Fox in our silent auction,” said Sundie Zin, founder of faith-based Within Arms Reach. “Their generosity and the kindness of others who have donated their personal items, services and products to auction will help provide the children of Java Island with the basics they need to improve their lives.”

Zin continued, “In Indonesia, our goal is to help create a stimulating and safe environment to develop and enhance the children’s abilities and personalities, while fostering their physical, mental and emotional health in an environment that cultivates a love for education and learning.”

Torkos, who donated a WaveTools surfboard to the auction, a rare Lance Cullins signature board that retails for $850, blends magic with the sport of surfing. Born and raised in Santa Cruz, he is a fourth generation magician who made international headlines last year as the first person to be filmed successfully completing a kick-flip while surfing. At that point, the trick had only been performed by skateboarders. The feat earned Torkos a $10,000 prize, which had been offered by the Volcom company to the first person to complete the trick.

Dubbed the Reimer Flip by Torkos, the trick not only caught the attention of surfers, it fulfilled a personal commitment he had made to his friend Carl Reimer who lost his life to gang warfare. He now actively pursues an end to gang violence in his and other communities. Torkos adopted the phrase “Pull Tricks, Not Triggers” to bring awareness to the positive role sports like surfing and skating play in the lives of young people, while promoting health, positivity and productive lifestyles to young people.

Baca is a self taught multi-media artist and a member of the Orange County Fine Arts association. She spent four years on permanent exhibit at Avantgarden Art Gallery in Orange County, and currently participates in shows and events throughout Southern California. Her artwork is also displayed and collected internationally. Baca’s goal “is to create from her heart, to be a positive inspiration, and share the freedom she’s found in her art.

Fox has often expressed his view of life as being a series of lines and shapes, connected by color and explained by perspective. His pieces are filled with artistic emotion and expressive textures. His art goes a step beyond what his inspirations offer, with a splash of himself in every piece. His work presents something that touches the spirit and pushes controversy about life and its ever-changing ways, while evoking thought and feeling through sight.

To offer support or receive more information about the Imported Hearts & The Arts fundraiser, please call (714) 866-9345, or write to

About Within Arms Reach
Within Arms Reach is a 501(c)(3) faith-based non-profit design organization dedicated to bringing design services and education to communities in need. The organization continues to expand its all-volunteer staff and its “reach” into other countries to help communities in desperate need by providing them with sustainable buildings and educational resources through construction and development services. Within Arms Reach consists of an impressive team of designers, contractors, business professionals, and others who want to help the organization in its mission by volunteering their time and services.

About House of Imported Hearts
House of Imported Hearts is a non-profit charity organization that helps underprivileged children from all over Indonesia. The organization was founded in November 2011 and provides children with food, education, medical services and an environment that closely resembles a family lifestyle with facilities that support, sponsor, and educate the children. HOIH’s goal is to give the children a brighter future by developing their life skills, and by helping them succeed and make their own mark on the world.

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