Skateboarding Elite Join Flip Skateboards and Long Beach Skate to Film Scene and launch Video

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Flip Skateboards has chosen Long Beach Skate to film a scene for their next video launch, scripted around the idea that this is “the local shop” for their international professional skateboard team. The cornerstone of any good skate community is the local skateboard shop. Since most of the local pros on the Flip skateboard team live in Long Beach, it is only fitting to film this scene at Long Beach Skate Co.

In a striving skate community, Long Beach Skate was established to bring a shop to the neighborhood that locals can identify as their own. This shop is purely for skaters, carrying only skate gear. LB Skate is very active in the local skateboard community through skateboard park planning and promoting, special events, and community service projects.  They pride themselves on bringing satisfaction and enjoyment to everyone who walks through their doors.

Flip Skateboards is known for making ground-breaking skateboard videos and just won the LA Skate Film Festival “Best U.S. Film” Award in 2010.  The skateboarders that are on the team represent all cultures and styles, which have brought Flip Skateboards a large global influence. Flip Skateboards is known for incorporating legendary musicians and skateboarders in every one of their award winning skateboard films. For this next video they are incorporating skateboarding punk rock legend Duane Peters.  Nicknamed “the master of disaster.” Duane Peters has been active in skateboarding since 1978.  Peters is lives in Long Beach, and can be seen frequently around town.  By unifying professional and legendary skateboarders in a film, shot at a local skate shop in Long Beach, there hope is for an even greater amount of global recognition given to the skateboard community of Long Beach.

The Long Beach skateboard community has been recognized as a local hot spot, but within the past few years the city has attracted much global attention. There has been an influx of national and regional skateboarders who have been flocking to Long Beach to get noticed and “make it” as a professional skateboarder. This film is an opportunity to showcase how skateboarding continues to be such a major influence in Long Beach.

The City of Long Beach has recognized skateboarding as such an important aspect of the community with the five skate parks that have been developed including the recent opening of the Silverado Skate Spot at Silverado Park and McBride Skate Park at Cal Rec Park which is in pre-development. The cities investment in skate parks is a testament to how much of a positive influence skateboarding has on the youth in the area.

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