‘Sketchily Ever After’ Brings Improv, Original Comedy to LB Playhouse

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Held2gether, Improv for Life is returning for a 4th year as a part of the Collaborative at the Long Beach Playhouse, with its’ latest set of original sketches, Sketchily Ever After. The original sketch compilation, which has sold out its’ weekend run each year, has now been expanded to four shows, running Fridays and Saturdays, March 10-18th in the Studio Theatre. The “Saturday Night Live” style event has become an annual favorite and a staple of the theatre’s Studio Collaborative season. The all-new show returns with a dozen sketches touching upon universal relationship flaws, outrageous characters, and commentary on today’s pop culture.

The cast features many favorites from years past as well as some new additions, including Tracy Araujo, Emily Formentini, Chris Brennan, Rebekah Chang, Viet Hoang, Joe Massie, and Cael Schwartzman. The dozen or so sketches include a satire on alternative lifestyles among lions, the true story of God and Moses, and an NPR spoof.
Their director is Held2gether founder and Creative Director, Darren Held. “In a way”, says Held, “the creative process is like a reality show. They performers have 30 minutes to create a sketch idea under a prompt, and then I guide them through it, fleshing out the tone and comic timing. It’s kept the show fresh and spontaneous for seven years. Our fans really love it.”

The sketch show is part of the Held2gether improv comedy program that features classes in Long Beach including all levels of improv comedy, sketch writing and performance. Darren is thrilled to team up with the Long Beach Playhouse Studio Collaborative to showcase creative original programming from Long Beach artists.”We’re excited to have Held2gether back in our Collaborative,” says Playhouse Executive Director Madison Mooney.   “Their shows always bring in a fun audience and everyone leaves smiling from laughing.”

Tickets for Sketchily Ever After are $15 and available through the box office of the Long Beach Playhouse (562-494-1014, option 1) or at lbplayhouse.org.

To request an interview with the director, cast members or reserve your media tickets to this performance, please send an email to: darren@held2gether.com

Long Beach Playhouse is located at 5021 E. Anaheim St., Long Beach, CA, 90804, right across from the Long Beach Recreation golf course. The Playhouse is community-supported theatre with programs and events that cut across age, gender, ethnic, and cultural boundaries.

Performances are 8 p.m. Friday and Saturdays, March 10th -18th. The box office is open Wednesday-Saturday from 3:00-8:00 pm.

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